Hwang Jung Eum’s Profitable Exit From Real Estate Investment Amid Divorce Drama

hwang jung eum net worth
hwang jung eum net worth
Credit: SBS

Hwang Jung Eum has confirmed banking an impressive profit from the sale of her building in Gangnam in 2021, amounting to around 50 billion KRW (approximately 42 million USD).

According to News1 reports on the 3rd, the actress purchased the building, which spans from the basement level to the fifth floor, for about 62.5 billion KRW (approximately 52.5 million USD) in March 2018. The property, then owned under the name of Hunminjeongeum Entertainment—a company where she served as a representative—was sold in October 2021 for a staggering 110 billion KRW (approximately 92.6 million USD). Industry experts estimate that even after considering corporate taxes, Hwang netted over 30 billion KRW (approximately 25.2 million USD) in profit. The current market value of the property is speculated to be around 200 billion KRW (approximately 168.2 million USD).

Beyond her real estate ventures, Hwang also owns a luxury single-family home in Itaewon, Seoul. She revealed on the YouTube show “Zzanbro” that she bought the Itaewon house amid preparations for her divorce in 2020, saying, “My husband always told me, ‘Get out, this is my house.” So, after a fight, I took out a loan and bought the Itaewon house.”

Hwang’s personal life has seen its share of public attention. She married professional golfer and businessman Lee Young Don in February 2016, and the couple welcomed their first son in August 2017. However, by September 2020, they filed for divorce, signaling a potential end to their marriage. Amidst the divorce proceedings, they announced a surprising reconciliation in July of the following year and welcomed their second son in March 2022.

Yet, the reconciliation was short-lived as Hwang initiated divorce proceedings against Lee once more, nearly three years later. Hwang stirred controversy by posting comments on Instagram that seemed to target Lee, including allegations of infidelity. In a fiery Instagram comment, she asserted, I’m a thousand times richer than him. If you don’t know, don’t run your mouth. By your logic, I’m wealthier, so I should be the one to cheat.”

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