Son Suk Ku Dishes on Baring His Own Butt to Be on Gay’s Favorite Actor Chart Proudly

son suk ku gay
son suk ku gay
Credit: YouTube “Zzanbro”

Son Suk Ku boasted his sparkling wit and charm in the latest episode of YouTube’s “Zzanbro,” featuring alongside actors Kim Sung Cheol, Kim Dong Hwi, and Hong Kyung. The star-studded cast came together to discuss their latest film, Comment Army, directed by Ahn Gooc Jin.

The episode caught attention right from the start as MC Shin Dong Yup confessed, “When I heard Suk Ku was coming, I found myself getting excited and increasingly absorbed. It made me wonder, ‘Do I have a bit a streak of gayness in me?’ I became obsessed with Suk Ku. I even started looking up your work.”

In response, Son Suk Ku humorously shared, “It’s actually something I’m quite proud of. There’s this poll among gay friends for their favorite male actors, and being number one on that chart is too good to miss. Gays are quick on trends. If they like something, it usually means it’s good. There are these social media posts that compile male actors’ butts, mostly Hollywood actors, but mine is there too. It was an honor for me.”

Adding to the laughter, Son Suk Ku referred to his movie Nothing Serious, saying, “There’s a scene where I expose my butt in front of (Jeon) Jong Seo. The production team said I could use a body double if I felt uncomfortable since it’s just a backshot, but I chose to do it myself. Not because I was confident but because I wanted to be honest. I thought it would be a betrayal to go up in this chart chosen by gays with a body double’s butt instead of mine. Even if I may fall short, I wanted to ascend with my own merit.”

Shin Dong Yup then mentioned, “When Jeon Jong Seo appeared, she said that other than her boyfriend, she contacts Son Suk Ku the most. Almost daily,” to which Son Suk Ku replied, “She’s one of the most unique people I’ve met, in a good way. People could misunderstand her. I guess she thinks I see her without any prejudice. So, we seek each other’s advice and frequently keep in touch.”

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