Karina’s Repetitive “Sorry” in Her Letter Sparks Debate Online: “What did she do wrong?”

karina and lee jae wook
karina and lee jae wook
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aespa’s Karina has taken to Instagram to express her apologies to fans over the recent news of her dating Lee Jae Wook, sparking a whirlwind of online discussion and debate. On the 5th, Karina shared a handwritten letter, starting with, “I’m sorry for surprising you all so much, and I know MYs (aespa’s fandom) were especially shocked, which made me hesitant to speak up.”

In her letter, Karina expressed her awareness of the disappointment and sadness her fans might be feeling. “I’m well aware of how disappointed MYs must have been and how sad you must be, thinking of all the stories we’ve shared,” she wrote. “I’m sincerely sorry, and I want to mend the pain of MYs. You have always been, and still are, very precious to me.”


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The dating news, first reported by Dispatch on February 27th, confirmed Karina and Lee Jae Wook‘s relationship with both agencies stating, “The two are in the early stages of getting to know each other.” This public acknowledgment led to mixed reactions among fans. Some have shown support, while others have expressed disappointment, prompting Karina’s personal apology.

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karina and lee jae wook
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Netizens have voiced a range of opinions: “Is dating at such a beautiful age a sin?” “Apologizing for dating? What exactly did they do wrong? Did they commit a crime?” “This is bizarre… This whole faux-dating with their stars needs to be avoided.”

Yet, some offer a different perspective, suggesting, “There must be a reason for the fans’ negative reactions,” and noting, “Dating right before a tour and album comeback, at such a critical time.” Backing this up, some comments read: “She went on a date without a mask and in the same clothes she wore for a schedule. I get why some fans are disappointed,” and “Labeling this as an apology is a bit much. It’s just what she wrote to her fans.”

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