aespa’s Karina Faces Backlash from an Overseas Fan Following Her Public Romance

karina lee jae wook
karina lee jae wook
Credit: Vogue Korea

The recent public romance of aespa’s Karina and Lee Jae Wook has ignited a storm of emotion among fans, with one particular overseas supporter expressing their disappointment through a dramatic truck protest, leaving domestic fans perplexed.

On the 4th, online communities buzzed with photos of a truck sent by an international fan of Karina. The truck bore messages like, “Is the love from your fans not enough for you?” “Why betray your fans?” and “You messed up your own career,” showcasing the depth of disappointment and anger toward Karina’s new relationship with Lee Jae Wook.

Credit: Online Communities

Korean fans have responded with incredulity to the protest. Comments include: “Dating isn’t a crime, is it?” “Being upset is one thing, but this seems excessive,” “This seems like misplaced fandom,” and “Poor Karina,” indicating general disapproval of the extreme reaction.

Even other international fans have attempted to distance themselves from the truck protest, urging, “We support Karina, so please don’t take us wrong,” highlighting the divide in reactions. It’s true that following the announcement of Karina’s relationship, some fans have expressed their dismay, with a few even canceling their Bubble subscriptions.

karina lee jae wook
Credit: Stardailynews, MHN Sports

However, there’s a significant portion of the fanbase that supports Karina’s newfound love. These fans are saying, “Dating publicly is a new trend,” “We want to see you happy,” sending messages of encouragement.

Meanwhile, Karina and Lee Jae Wook officially confirmed their relationship at the end of last month. The couple initially met at a fashion show in Milan earlier this year and have since developed their relationship from acquaintances to lovers.

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  • Who are we to judge!! They are just like the rest of us and should be able to live a normal life outside of their careers. Let them be happy and enjoy their relationship. They don’t belong to us. Because of fans like that, it’s the reason idols hide and try to date in private. Leave them alone!

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