Yoo Teo Reveals His Wife’s Priceless Reaction to Him Kissing Hong Seok Cheon

yoo teo wife
yoo teo wife
Credit: Hong Seok Cheon’s Youtube channel

Yoo Teo revealed his wife Nikki Lee’s reaction to his appearance on Hong Seok Cheon’s Jewelry Box.

Last month, Yoo Teo appeared on Hong Seok Cheon’s YouTube show Jewelry Box and had a candid talk with Hong Seok Cheon. At the end of the show, Hong Seok Cheon asked Yoo Teo to choose between giving and receiving a kiss, and Yoo Teo chose both. Later, when Hong Seok Cheon put lipstick on his lips and tried to kiss Yoo Teo on the cheek, Yoo Teo turned his head and kissed him on the lips, surprising everyone.

Yoo Teo jokingly said, “What should I say to Nikki?” while wiping his lips in the post-credit scene and mentioned his wife Nikki Lee’s actual response, saying, “She texted me saying it was hilarious.”

He also expressed his affection towards his wife of 16 years, saying, “There is a saying that couples are destined to be together. I think Nikki and I are like that.”

“Back in my younger, aspiring actor days, the idea of social recognition wasn’t a huge motivator for me,” he continued. “Honestly, I couldn’t even picture myself at 35. So I thought I should live until then and then just disappear.”

He confessed, “Nikki saved my life,” and added, “Nikki is the rock, fearlessly facing the world. I’m just a wandering clown.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Teo recently starred in Past Lives, which tells the story of Nayeong and Haeseong, childhood friends who grew up in Seoul but reunite in New York after 24 years. The movie explores their rekindled connection and what it means when relationships are seemingly cut short.

>> Yoo Teo Gets Candid About His Marriage to Nikki Lee

Past Lives hits South Korean theaters on March 6th.

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