Yoo Teo Gets Candid About His Marriage to Nikki Lee

yoo teo wife
yoo teo wife
Credit: MBC

Yoo Teo showed his affection for his wife Nikki Lee in Episode 238 of MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere.

The actor was spotted buying boxes of chocolates as gifts for his managers and reporters after wrapping up a photoshoot.

Yoo Teo’s manager lamented his failed attempt to find affordable earrings for his wife, sharing, “I was looking for earrings for my wife. But I had to leave empty-handed as even one of them was too expensive.” This prompted him to ask Yoo Teo about the most meaningful gift he had given to his wife and brought him back to his early days as a bartender before he became a popular actor. Yoo Teo reminisced, “All I had was $7K, and I spent it all on a designer bag for my wife. That was my first gift to her, and it’s still one of her most cherished items.”

yoo teo wife
Credit: MBC

Yoo Teo also discussed his marriage to Nikki Lee while at his favorite Uzbekistan restaurant. He expressed, “Age is not important to me. What matters is who she is and how I feel about her.”

Yoo Teo also shared his thoughts on cohabiting before marriage, saying, “I can’t generally recommend living with a partner before marriage.” However, he revealed that he had lived with his wife before tying the knot, due to his certainty that they would get married within two weeks of dating.

When asked by his manager what he would have done if he and his wife were not meant to be together before marriage, Yoo Teo replied, “That would mean we weren’t meant to be married, and I would have just seen it as a valuable experience.”

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