Exclusive Interview: VANNER Reveal Life Before Debut + Pick Most Challenging Song They Promoted

vanner kpop
vanner kpop
Credit: KLAP Entertainment

Debuting back in 2019 with their lead single “Better Do Better” from their album V, boy group VANNER have grown to be quite the sensational group within Korea and internationally. There is a reason these boys won the ‘Global K-Pop Star Award’ back in 2021. The five members of VANNER, Taehwan, Gon, Hyesung, Sungkook, and Yeonggwang, performed more than 200 times in Japan before their official debut in Korea, making them a boy group that are more than qualified to stand on the stage among the many popular 4th generation acts. 

Although VANNER have been popular throughout the years, they may have finally hit the “Jackpot” with their latest musical release of the same name. More than ever, the boys are receiving attention for “JACKPOT’s” jazzy, electric pop style off of their new album CAPTURE THE FLAG due to its catchy rhythms, energetic hook and stylish sounds that could be described as a beautiful blend of Super Junior’s “Devil” and any of Maroon 5’s pop tracks. Listen to the lively song and check out their fiery MV if you haven’t already.

With all the buzz surrounding them, VANNER still made time out of their busy schedule to look back at the various concepts they’ve tried over the years during our conversation. From which choreography was most intense for the members to how their latest comeback has impacted their success due to the endless support from VVS (the fandom of VANNER), the members revealed themselves sincerely on the stage and through our interview, too. See the exclusive interview and photos down below!

VANNER went from bright popping pink colors in “Rollin” to dark dazzling leather in “JACKPOT” – is there a concept the members prefer or enjoy most?

TAEHWAN: “I really enjoy this album’s concept. I like visually popping concepts also, but, personally prefer the strong concept of ‘JACKPOT!’”

GON: “In my opinion, every member prefers sexy and wild concepts. I enjoy ‘JACKPOT’ and ‘form’ more.”

HYESUNG: “I like the previous whole album, but I do enjoy this promotion’s album “JACKPOT!”

SUNGKOOK: “Everything was fun, but obviously the strong and powerful stages like ‘JACKPOT’ and ‘FORM’ mostly remain in my mind.”

YEONGGWANG: “I’ve enjoyed many songs, but I particularly think that I’m more immersed into the well-executed concept of ‘JACKPOT’ compared to other songs!”

“JACKPOT” has a very lively and entertaining MV. Was there something challenging about filming the MV? Was there a lot of CGI involved? How do the members usually prepare before filming?

TAEHWAN: “Before shooting, of course, I diet, but I also try to minimize bloating by using methods like stimulated blood circulation in my ears or taking medication to reduce swelling.”

GON: “For me, it was a challenge to perform various acts in music videos. Personally, I tend to prepare for filming by doing image training while looking at and shadowing the best.”

HYESUNG: “In the music video I have to act out many expressions through music, so I read the lyrics a lot. I wanted to feel the atmosphere of the music video set, so I arrived earlier to look around.”

SUNGKOOK: “Before the shoot, we checked that our choreography was ready to go, and I took care of our diet routine.”

YEONGGWANG: “Because I wanted to shoot the music video well, before filming, I meticulously checked and understood the concept of each shot and engaged in image training, too.”

Can you explain the cat-like dance in “JACKPOT”? What did you think of the choreography when first learning it?

vanner kpop
Credit: KLAP Entertainment

TAEHWAN: “It is the choreography that was created by GON. When I first saw it, I was worried that we would have to work on the main choreography. But, in the end, when all five of us danced together, we made sure it would be a very catchy dance move.”

GON: “While creating the choreography for the chorus part, I felt like these moves fit together subtly well. The movements by themselves also felt natural for us! Also, amidst the energetic choreography that carried on throughout the song, this was a moment where it provided a brief respite.”

HYESUNG: “It was very fresh! Since it’s an energetic song that keeps running without a break, I thought there needed to be a standout point in the middle, and I’m glad that GON made that part so well!”

SUNGKOOK: “I really liked the choreography that GON created in the past, so I hoped that his choreography would be included in this song as well. So, I was very pleased when that part made it into the final choreography.”

YEONGGWANG: “When I first watched the choreography, I thought “A cat?!” But while practicing the choreography, I thought it was easy to dance with everyone and appealed to VANNER’s sexy and cute appearance at the same time, so I liked it!”

While on the topic of choreographer, VANNER has quite a variety of dance moves that they have mastered over the years. What was the most difficult choreography to learn since your debut?

TAEHWAN: “I think it’s ‘Prime Time’ and ‘PERFORMER.’ It was challenging to perfectly express my interpretation of the choreography, which required me to showcase my own unique style.”

GON: “It is ‘JACKPOT’ for me! I thought it was the hardest dance move till now because you have to control your power while highlighting all the lines of your body.”

HYESUNG: “It’s definitely ‘JACKPOT.’ Even though there were times when it was difficult to focus on the overall flow of the song due to continuous modifications to the choreography until the very end, as we practiced, I gradually found my stride and felt that it was a really good song to express VANNER’s identity.”

SUNGKOOK: “‘PERFORMER’ for me! The dance skills and techniques required to express the song were a little hard for me.”

YEONGGWANG: “For me ‘PERFORMER’ and ‘JACKPOT’ were the hardest choreography, but if I have to choose one, I will pick ‘JACKPOT.’ Because there were continuous modifications to the choreography from before we shot the music video to after, and even right before our music show activities, it felt challenging.”

While we could endlessly talk about their grueling choreo, many new fans of VANNER may be wondering what is an ideal song that captures all the qualities of the group. Are there any songs of off your 2nd album Capture The Flag that you think fans must listen to?

vanner kpop
Credit: KLAP Entertainment

TAEHWAN: “I’d like to recommend ‘Be My Love.’ It’s a precious song gifted by my respected senior, BTOB’s LIM HYUNSIK. It’s a very comforting and lovely song to listen to, so I really want to recommend ‘Be My Love’ to all of you.”

GON: “I want to recommend ‘Circuit,’ because I participated in writing the lyrics so please give a lot of love and attention to this song!”

HYESUNG: ‘After Party’ -’ Passing through the relentless energy of ‘JACKPOT,’ the song ‘After Party’ exudes a natural charm with a tempo that takes a breather from the album set. I highly recommend ‘After Party!’

SUNGKOOK: “I say ‘CIRCUIT!’ GON participated in writing the lyrics, so, I hope when you listen to it and please focus on the lyrics.”

We recommend the whole album to every fan – but maybe a whole YouTube deep dive from debut to now will be best? Before debut, OG fans know how much VANNER trained in Japan before their Korean debut. Can you share a fun story from your pre-debut days?

TAEHWAN: “Since we had our pre-debut activities in Japan, we have many memories from there. Among them, if I were to pick the most unforgettable story, it would be the moment when we did our hair and makeup ourselves. I used to do the hair and makeup for the members a lot, and I especially remember doing Sungkook’s hair a lot.”

GON: “I used to live with the members in the same accommodation at that time, and I remember fondly how we all gathered together to do our own hair and makeup. It was a fun memory!”

HYESUNG: “I remember all the members spoke Japanese on stage. It was impressive.”

SUNGKOOK: “Every day was like a TV episode. From preparing for performances by checking our outfits and hair/makeup among ourselves, to deciding what to eat after the show and even the things we did until we fell asleep, it was all a memorable moment. Haha”

YEONGGWANG: “I was surprised there were so many Japanese fans when we pre-debuted, it was a day with pleasure and it also filled my heart seeing the fans.”

The boys often love spending time together and have formed quite an unbreakable bond. When the members relax, how do they like to spend their free time?

vanner kpop
Credit: KLAP Entertainment

TAEHWAN: “During the Lunar New Year I relaxed with my mother but she wanted to show me off, so she took me here and there. So, in a way, it might not seem like I got enough rest! Usually, when I take a break, I watch dramas or movies I’ve been wanting to see, or I meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. But sometimes I just do absolutely nothing and stay in my room all day! Haha”

GON: “I hang out with my older brother, or I just lay down on my bed and take a rest. Usually, I try to do nothing, if it’s possible!”

HYESUNG: “I usually get a good long sleep or watch dramas or movies. During our active periods, I often don’t have much time to sleep, so I catch up on missed sleep. Haha. I spend time watching movies or dramas that can inspire me though.”

SUNGKOOK: “I spent most of my time this Lunar New Year with my family, and I wanted to enjoy my own free time, so I came back to the dorms earlier and rested!”

YEONGGWANG: “After a long time, I like to meet with family and friends, and to relieve the fatigue that had built up during that time. I usually sleep a lot!”

What are some goals the group prepared for the new year? Is there any new music the group members are preparing now?

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Credit: KLAP Entertainment

TAEHWAN: “Although there are no definite plans for the next album yet, my goal for the new year is to continue working tirelessly and release as many activities and albums as possible without rest.”

GON: “VANNER’s goal this year is to hold a solo concert, win first place in a music program, and start a world tour! I really want to do that.”

HYESUNG: “VANNER’s goal is to have a concert. We are a team that loves the stage and holding a concert is our must-have goal, and for this, we will work hard.”

SUNGKOOK: “My deepest goal is to successfully wrap up the remaining ‘JACKPOT’ activities and smoothly transition to the next comeback.”

YEONGGWANG: “I want to win first place on a music program with our song ‘JACKPOT!’”

Despite the boys sharing their love for sleep, it seems they are restless and eager to be back on the stage and dominate the world of K-Pop. Before running off to their next schedule, the five lovely idols had a few final messages for their adoring fans VVS!

vanner kpop
Credit: KLAP Entertainment

TAEHWAN: “VVS! Thank you so much for always dedicating yourselves and giving plenty of love for VANNER. I’ll continue to receive lots of love from VVS and strive to become an even better person!”

GON: “My beloved VVS! I miss you so much even when I see you, and I’m looking forward to creating more joyful memories together as we welcome the new year together. Love you❤”

HYESUNG: “My beloved VVS! Thank you so much for always supporting us. I hope we can continue to make many wonderful memories together in the future. I love you”

SUNGKOOK: “Thank you for reading our  interview and please continue to support us in the future! Happy Belated Lunar New Year!”

YEONGGWANG: “In 2024, I hope that along with VANNER’s ‘JACKPOT,’  all of you will also have a jackpot year. Stary healthy everyone, and please show lots of love to our new song!

In the end, VANNER shared more of their authentic selves through our fun and light-hearted interview. Showing their love for all of their fans, even before debut, to reflecting on the near future and goals they want to create – it was a journey with each and every reply.

Don’t forget to check out more of VANNER’s content and follow the boys on their official social media accounts. VANNER will be wrapping up promotions for “JACKPOT” soon and plan to announce more plans for VVS and will hopefully join us again for another interview very soon. Follow us for more exclusive interview content and be sure to leave a lovely comment for your favorite member down below!

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