Kim Go Eun Shares Her Unique Childhood in China Before Stardom

kim go eun chinese
kim go eun chinese
Credit: YouTube “fullmoon”

In a candid appearance on producer Na Young Seok’s YouTube channel “fullmoon,” Kim Go Eun took viewers on a trip down memory lane, revealing her unique childhood spent in China. “I moved there when I was four and came back to Korea at 14. My Korean was quite shaky back then. At home, my parents insisted on speaking Korean, and I grew up watching Korean variety shows like ‘Nonstop’ on DVD,” Kim reminisced.

Her Exhuma co-star Yoo Hae Jin empathized, “Back then, Chinese must have felt more comfortable for you.” Kim agreed, adding, “Yes, I lived in an area without many foreigners.” Curiosity piqued, Yoo inquired if her Chinese was still fluent enough to live in China without any inconvenience. Kim candidly responded, “No, I stutter. I’ve forgotten many words, but in urgent situations, some of it might come back.”

The conversation took a nostalgic turn as Yoo Hae Jin asked about any memorable foods from her time there. Kim fondly recalled, “Breakfast culture is quite developed there. I remember eating twisted doughnuts and soy milk, which we would dip and eat.” She then added, “There was a big lake in China where I would go horseback riding every weekend. I would ride horses around the lake and through the mountains.” Hearing that, Na Young Seok couldn’t hide his envy, saying, “That sounds like an enviable childhood. After all, we spent our childhoods in the city.”

When Na probed about her initial interest in acting, Kim revealed, “Since I was young, my dad had a vast collection of DVDs in China. He loved movies and always shared them with me. It felt like living in a movie or drama. Initially, I wanted to be behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera.”

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun, along with Choi Min Sik, Yoo Hae Jin, and Lee Do Hyun, is set to captivate audiences in the upcoming occult mystery film Exhuma. The movie, opening on the 22nd, revolves around a group consisting of a geomancer, a mortician, and shamans who face strange occurrences after being paid a hefty sum to relocate a suspicious grave.

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