Kim Go Eun Talks About the Pressure of Success: ‘My Acting Should Be Worth the Money’

kim go eun salary per episode
kim go eun salary per episode
Credit: Fairy Jae Hyung

Kim Go Eun appeared on YouTube show “Fairy Jae Hyung” and shared her honest thoughts on popularity.

Kim Go Wun revealed that her first drama was Cheese in the Trap and that she did it because of her grandmother. “I lived with my grandmother for about 6 years. I would invite her to movie premieres, but the movies I did early in my career weren’t exactly grandma-friendly, you know, lots of violence and blood.” With a chuckle, she added, “So I did Canola for her. Plus, she loves dramas, so I thought maybe it’s time to try TV.”

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Shifting gears, Kim Go Eun explained how the immense popularity of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God didn’t faze her much. Jung Jae Hyung mentioned the iconic “I love you” scene, asking, “Don’t people ask you to do it everywhere? Your friends must have too.” The actress casually replied, “If they ask, I do it. It’s not a big deal.”

She said that even when a drama becomes a hit, she tends to think of it as luck and move on. However, projects that don’t do well makes her sad and anxious. “I’m an actor and I get paid to act, so I think it’s the sense of conscience and responsibility as an actor. When I say ‘I should be worth the pay,’ I really mean it. My acting should be worth the money.”

She continued, “Isn’t it meaningless to do pop culture and art productions if no one sees it? So I hope as many viewers as possible see my work, even if they criticize it.”

Jung Jae Hyung praised Kim Go Eun for her sense of responsibility and maturity, saying, “There are many people involved in every project.” Kim Go Eun humbly replied, “I feel like I learned a lot from more experienced actors.”

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