Lee Jong Won Raves About His On-Screen Romance with Lee Ha Nee in ‘Knight Flower’

Knight Flower Lee Jong Won
Knight Flower Lee Jong Won
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In his first foray into historical dramas and leading roles, Lee Jong Won has nothing but praise for his experience on Knight Flower, especially his collaboration with co-star Lee Ha Nee. “It was a significant task to lead the drama alongside Lee Ha Nee. Even after being cast, I felt considerable pressure and responsibility. Whenever it became overwhelming, Ha Nee was incredibly supportive, approaching me like a friend. He was someone I could rely on,” Lee Jong Won shared.

Reflecting on his role, “The character Park Su Ho softens around the edges when he meets Ye Hwa (Lee Ha Nee). Su Ho is a straightforward younger man, but he can’t always act directly due to societal issues. This creates moments where he has to watch from afar, filled with yearning. I wanted to show that tingling sensation of being unable to openly express his feelings.”

It was only natural that Lee Ha Nee became the most influential figure for Lee Jong Won during the filming. “She deeply understands the weight and responsibility a leading role carries. Sometimes she wasn’t feeling well, but on set, she would carry on as if nothing was wrong, showing what it truly means to be a lead. Watching her, I learned a lot about the dedication required in this role,” he added.

“Just one word from her could build a bond, creating a ripple effect that felt like the butterfly effect in action. She really brought that energy to this drama,” he continued. “I learned a lot about setting the tone on set from her. I’m grateful for her example, but at times, I worried. It must have been tough, yet she always managed to smile through to the end.”

Asked about the age difference with Lee Ha Nee and whether it was a concern, Lee Jong Won shared, “I wasn’t worried at all. In fact, watching the show made me think the age difference added a unique chemistry to our characters.” He elaborated, “Rather than a rom-com style romance where they fall in love and hold hands or link arms, the romance in ‘Knight Flower’ was filled with longing, desperation, and poignancy. There was this chemistry born out of the age gap, and that really came alive.”

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