‘Exhuma’ Gets Rave Review After World Premiere at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival

exhuma movie review
exhuma movie review
Credit: Showbox

Exhuma premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival with a bang.

Invited to the esteemed Forum section, the film had its screening on Friday evening, followed by a lively Q&A session with director Jang Jae Hyun. Already, global audiences are raving about the experience.

Fabian Tietke, who moderated the Q&A, introduced Exhuma as a “great film that encompasses both the spiritual and the material world” and praised it, saying, “The actors are all impressive and seem to have a deep understanding of their professions in the movie.”

Director Jang Jae Hyun said, “This is my third occult horror film. While I’m not personally interested in ghosts or spirits, I sometimes wish they existed because I believe they represent a deeper element of what makes us human. Even though we can’t see them, the concept of souls sets us apart from machines and holds a certain fascination for me. That’s the core of what draws me to this genre.” He also said, “Exhuma may delve into a dark world, but I believe the light that shines within it is the most powerful. This theme of finding light in darkness is something I try to capture in all my films.”

After the premiere, overseas audiences who saw the film couldn’t stop raving about it. Here are some early reactions:

exhuma movie review
Credit: letterboxd
exhuma movie review
Credit: letterboxd

“A wonderfully directed mystery film with a great cast. It’s a great expansion of the occult universe”

“A mystery thriller that maintains its speed, atmosphere, and suspense from beginning to end. The subtle special effects don’t overwhelm the actors on screen and add to the suspense by leaving room for imagination”

“A film that shows the direction in which Korean occult films should go.”

exhuma movie review
Credit: letterboxd

Exhuma will be released in Korean theaters on February 22nd.

Source: Showbox

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