Weekly TV Top10: ‘A Killer Paradox’ Shines as Netflix’s Latest Hit

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Drama Ranking for 2nd Week of  February

tvN’s Marry My Husband has snagged the top spot for the sixth straight week, but not without its share of controversy. The appearance of BoA as a new villain has become a hot topic, with many viewers critical of her somewhat different looks from before and acting prowess. The narrative, too, has been under fire since her introduction, with claims that the story has gone awry. tvN’s Captivating the King holds firm at second place, its unconventional airing schedule of four episodes over the weekend drawing in a dedicated viewership. The deepening romantic plot between Jo Jung Suk and Shin Se Kyung is meeting with positive responses. Netflix’s freshly released A Killer Paradox has made an impressive debut at third place, receiving the best reaction among recent Netflix offerings. However, some character portrayals and the latter part of the show have been enmeshed in controversy. Disney Plus’ A Shop for Killers concluded its run in fourth place, leaving several storylines unresolved and fans clamoring for a second season. MBC’s Knight Flower sits at fifth, with viewers eager to see how the relationship between Lee Ha Nee and Lee Jong Won will unfold as the finale approaches. A hiatus from SBS’s Flex x Cop resulted in its absence from the rankings. Meanwhile, JTBC’s Doctor Slump has seen a decline to sixth place. Despite initial interest due to leads Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye, it’s now recording a dip in viewership.

>> Choi Woo Shik and Son Suk Ku’s Netflix Series ‘A Killer Paradox’ Takes the World by Storm

  1. tvN Marry My Husband (Share 24.29%)
  2. tvN Captivating the King (Share 13.55%)
  3. Netflix A Killer Paradox (Share 12.45%)
  4. Disney Plus A Shop for Killers (Share 9.69%)
  5. MBC Knight Flower (Share 7.35%)
  6. JTBC Doctor Slump (Share 6.39%)
  7. JTBC Queen of Divorce (Share 3.69%)
  8. KBS Korea–Khitan War (Share 3.23%)
  9. KBS Love Song for Illusion (Share 2.99%)
  10. TVING LTNS (Share 2.55%)
  1. Park Min Young, Marry My Husband (Share 8.71%)
  2. Jo Jung Suk, Captivating the King (Share 6.91%)
  3. Shin Se Kyung, Captivating the King (Share 6.73%)
  4. Song Ha Yoon, Marry My Husband (Share 6.25%)
  5. Na In Woo, Marry My Husband (Share 5.42%)
  6. BoA, Marry My Husband (Share 3.66%)
  7. Lee Yi Kyung, Marry My Husband (Share 3.43%)
  8. Park Hyung Sik, Doctor Slump (Share 3.09%)
  9. Lee Ha Nee, Knight Flower (Share 3.06%)
  10. Park Shin Hye, Doctor Slump (Share 3.01%)

Non-Drama Ranking for 2nd Week of  February

TVING’s Crime Scene Returns debuted at the top, satisfying viewers with a quality that lives up to expectations. TVING dating show EXchange 3 took second place. In the cast rankings, Seolhyun snagged the top spot, charming audiences with her unvarnished daily life on MBC’s I Live Alone.

  1. TVING Crime Scene Returns (Share 9.05%)
  2. TVING EXchange 3 (Share 4.40%)
  3. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 3.97%)
  4. MBN Singing King (Share 3.73%) 
  5. MBC I Live Alone (Share 3.32%)
  6. TV CHOSUN Miss Trot 3 (Share 3.27%)
  7. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 3.24%)
  8. SBS Running Man (Share 2.42%)
  9. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 2.08%)
  10. KBS Gag Concert (Share 2.07%)
  1. Seolhyun, I Live Alone (Share 1.15%)
  2. Kim Won Hee, You Quiz on the Block (Share 1.01%)
  3. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with You (Share 1.01%)
  4. Park Seo Jin, Mr. House Husband Season 2 (Share 2.26%)
  5. Yoo Jae Suk, You Quiz on the Block (Share 1.01%)
  6. Joo Woo Jae, Hangout with You (Share 1.01%)
  7. Jeon Yoo Jin, Singing King (Share 1.39%)
  8. Mijoo, Hangout with You (Share 1.01%)
  9. An Yujin, Crime Scene Returns (Share 1.28%)
  10. Park Jin Joo, Hangout with You (Share 1.01%)

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