Ji Chang Wook Under Fire For Smoking On Set + Fans Demand Legal Punishment After His Apology

Welcome To Samdalri
ji chang wook welcome to samdalri
Credit: JTBC

Ji Chang Wook, the famous actor known for dramas such as ‘The K2’ and who now gained more popularity for his recent appearance in Welcome To Samdalri, has faced severe criticism and controversy surrounding his behind-the-scenes content video after being released from the popular drama on JTBC during the Lunar New Year.

As of February 10th, Ji Chang Wook has been in the hot seat after cutscenes revealed the actor was seen smoking indoors while rehearsing in a room with actors Shin Hye Sun, Lee Jae Won, Bae Myung Jin, and more of the cast and crew.

At first, bewildered fans argued he was simply holding something else or that it was mistaken. However, upon further examination, it was revealed to be an electronic cigarette. Although people often smoke them indoors, it is considered not only improper etiquette to those around Ji Chang Wook but also prohibited in certain indoor spaces. Now fans are demanding an apology and even asking that Ji Chang Wook pay a fine for his lack of consideration and inappropriate behavior.

ji chang wook welcome to samdalri
Credit: JTBC

In the past many celebrities, such as NCT’s Haechan who was caught smoking during NCT127’s dance practice and EXO’s D.O, have faced harsh criticism, paid fines, and received backlash from viewers after being caught smoking indoors. Fans commented, “Even if it is a vape, he shouldn’t smoke indoors,” and “He should pay for his crime and pay the fines.” Other fans speculated if the staff never questioned Ji Chang Wook because he was the lead character and a senior actor. Some even claim it to be an abuse of power.

Upon hearing viewers’ outcries, JTBC took down the video and Ji Chang Wook’s agency, Spring Company, released an official apology. “We apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with the behavior of actor Ji Chang Wook in the drama-making content video released of ‘Welcome To Samdalri’ on January 26th. Actor Ji Chang Wook acknowledges his inappropriate behavior and is sorry for disappointing many. We once again deeply apologize to those who encountered the content, to the staff on-site, to the fellow cast members, and to the viewers who love our work and drama.”

Since then, the controversy has sparked debate if this sort of behavior is actually a big deal and whether celebrities should face equal punishment or if fans are simply going overboard and making the situation bigger than it is. A battle between manners, culture, and what’s right or wrong has left fans arguing in the comments. Further examination even showed other videos of behind-the-scenes content resurrected and the You Were A Director director Jang Hang-jun himself was seen smoking indoors, too. However, it was soon edited out in order to prevent further escalation of an already serious situation.

What do you think of the controversy? Should idols and actors be prohibited from smoking to begin with because of their image? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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  • For heavens sake leave him alone. He is a grown man. If he has any brains. He will know better. He is human after all we are ALL allowed to make human mistakes .

  • He is human. And he is in a mature age. He can smoke if he wants to smoke. Sometimes smoking is a stress reliever. Sometimes it make you relax. An outlet for a long day. You can do it once in a while in moderation. You people are too quick to judge.

  • For goodness sake I have never heard anything so ridiculous. Why should he pay a fine and apologise in the first place. I am not an Korean so don’t know your rules but lighten up and leave him be if you are a true fan. He works very hard for his profession and is always respectful of his fans and I myself respect his work and enjoy it immensely.

  • Ja was soll man dazu sagen.!!!
    Was für ein Shitstorm für eine solche Kleinigkeit🤔

    Er hat sich geoutet.!! 🤣🤣👏👏
    Er hat eine E-Zigarette geraucht.🤣🤣🤣

    Jeder hat das Recht sein Leben zu leben, wie er es gerne möchte.

    Und was die Fans angeht, die dieses “Problem ” so stört, sind in meinen Augen keine richtigen Fans. Es sind Menschen die immer und überall etwas zu meckern und zum Nörgeln brauchen. 😠

    Jeder soll vor seiner eigenen Tür kehren!!!😠
    Da ist sicher eine Menge Müll zu verräumen.
    Wenn das jeder macht, würde die Welt gleich viel sauberer sein!!

    Es ist das Jahr des Drachen. Und JCW ist wohl der berühmteste Drache in Südkorea.😂
    Endlich schüttelt er sich, er will sich von den Kettengliedern die um seinen Hals hängen lösen. Er will atmen!!!!!

    Ihr schnürt ihm mit euren blöden Ansichten die Luft ab.
    Er ist 36 Jahre alt. Er ist mündig und kann selbst entscheiden.
    Ich hoffe, dass er sich dieses Jahr ordentlich schüttelt, damit er viele dieser Kettenglieder los wird. ❤️

    Die Erde hat 8 Milliarden Menschen oder mehr?🤔 Die Hälfte davon raucht. Soll sich jeder entschuldigen? Was für ein Unsinn!!!🤣🤣

    Dass er sich öffentlich entschuldigt, spricht für seinen noblen und ehrenhaften Charakter.
    Er ist ein grossartiger Sohn, Schauspieler, Freund und Idol für viele Menschen.
    Gönnen wir ihm doch die Freiheit, die jeder andere als selbstverständlich ansieht, zu tun und zu lassen was er möchte.❤️

    dass, ihr bis hierher gelesen habt😂😂

  • I think people are just so picky he works hard and brings revenue to his country why hound an actor who is such a perfect gentleman!

  • Very immature, if the act was okay with fellow coactors, who r u guys to complain. For sure ji chang wook ask permission with these guys.

  • Se cada um cuidasse de seus “pecados” e deixasse de ser chato com a vida que não é sua sobraria mais tempo pra evoluir como pessoa… como ser humano…

  • Has anyone asked to see if he had asked permission from the others to use his e-cigarette? There are so many worse things happening in the world right now that it’s hard for me to qualify this as a crime. I think he’s received enough criticism that it won’t happen again.

  • If no one in the room was upset, why the commotion. He is only hurting himself with very unhealthy behavior which I hope he quits entirely. We want him around for a long time.

  • I was a heavy smoker for far too long. With a health issue, I found the strength to stop forever. I hate my air poluted by smokers but at the same time, I realise it’s a personal choice, or maybe an addiction. So, if no one else complained about him smoking, who are we to criticise? Are we any better with our own addictions (alcohol, drugs etc)? If he finds he can relax with an occasional cigarette, please leave the guy alone.

  • I also smoked like a chimney😂.
    I wasn’t denounced like JCW. Back then, when someone told me to stop, my answer was always “that’s my business, the time is still coming!! 😅 I decided for myself when it should be. So guys, leave the church in the village, yes?

    I also read “he would have abused his power”. For God’s sake, what power? That he wants to move freely wherever he wants? Which is a given for every other person in this world?
    He’s being watched every step of the way!!!

    I’ve been wondering for a long time that he can go alone where even the emperor Ta Hwan goes alone🤣🤣🤣.

    He is of age. He has enough chains around his neck that make it difficult for him to breathe. Please let it go, okay?

    We all love him and wish that his bright smile reaches into his eyes❤️❤️

  • Czy Idol to nie człowiek. Koreańczycy jesteście tacy święci? Ile jeszcze samobójstw żebyście zrozumieli tak jak my Europejczycy, że aktor, piosenkarz to tylko praca? Owszem są to osoby publiczne ale czy daje Wam to prawo wchodzenia w czyjeś życie? Nie mogą zapalić, nie mogą kochać kogo chcą, jesteście okropni. U nas aktorzy, piosenkarze , sportowcy są pod ostrzałem fotografów ale zwykły człowiek , obywatel nie jest tak napastliwy. Siedząc w jednym lokalu z aktorem czy sportowcem jemy pizzę, pijemy piwo, nikt nie robi zdjęć, nie wtrącamy się, czy ma drugą czy 3 żonę, czy zapalił papierosa. Jeżeli nie można w danym pomieszczeniu palić zwraca się osobie uwagę, mogą ją wyprosić z lokalu. Karać? To ostateczność. Kocham Korea, koreańskie dramy, aktorów i piosenkarzy ale nie koreańskich fanów, hejterów , którzy są tacy “święci “. Ale to Wy jesteście sprawcami przemocy, hejtu, samobójstw.

  • It isn’t HIS FANS that are doing all this, it’s other people/haters online (Netizens). The way fans are written in the article everyone thinks that his own fans are doing this to him, please correct this and stop the hating against him and his fans.

  • Oh.Please!! It didn’t look like anyone sitting with him had an issue about him vaping.If fans are demanding abd offended….they are not his fans….this is a non-issue for me.

  • why punish ji sang wook,everybody is using it even those rich people and those in the govt. punish the manufacturer of vape and cigararete,the govt of korea should abolish it remove it from the market! its unfair for jsang wook

  • Les gens deviennent pénibles toujours à critiquer, L’apparence et la vie privée des acteurs et chanteurs. Laisser les vivres, ils sont droits à une vie. Quand on admire un acteur ou chanteurs,on ne le critique pas c’est comme si vous êtes en couple et vous critiquer la vie d’avant de votre époux & épouse. Je pense qu’il faut commencer à prendre des sanctions pour les personnes qui critiques ça va trop loin .ce n’est pas un crime de fumée la cigarette électronique. Vous avez oublié le suicide de Lee Sun-kyun suite à la fausse rumeur, soyez vigilant avec vos critiques. Il a d’autre sujet plus scandaleux. Bonne journée.

  • Sorry they are not fans for demanding he should be punished,he should take this as a warning and make sure he doesn’t do it again,I know myself that it is hard to give up smoking,this should be wrote in his contract to have plenty of comfy brakes, good luck to him he is a fantastic actor,

  • A rule is a rule if you don’t obey rules there is consrwuen to it. His apology is much appreciated,, it shows good manners and right conduct.

  • Has there even been evidence proving that 2ndhand vapor is harmful?? They weren’t in a closet! There was plenty of room for vapor to dissipate.

  • Do the fans complain when an actor smokes while playing a role? Yes smoking is unhealthy, I am sure that he one day will have an ah hah moment. The concern needs to be about why he is engaging in an unhealthy habit. Too much stress maybe.

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