‘Badland Hunters’ Hero Ma Dong Seok’s Ode to His Wife Ye Jung Hwa

ma dong-seok wife
ma dong-seok wife
Credit: Netflix

In just under a week since its release, the Netflix film Badland Hunters has rocketed to global acclaim, securing the number one spot and winning hearts worldwide. In the recent interview, Ma Dong Seok, even amidst discussing his professional achievements, couldn’t help but gush over his wife, Ye Jung Hwa.

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Known for his rugged action roles and currently planning and preparing for Hollywood projects, Ma stressed the importance of staying in peak physical condition. “Thanks to my wife’s care, I eat well and stay healthy,” he shared, highlighting the supportive partnership that fuels his demanding career.

Ma further gave a glimpse into happy married life. “Whenever I come home bleeding, my wife gets really worried. For example, I didn’t realize I was hurt while filming a scene breaking a car window in ‘The Roundup’ until I saw the blood later. I’m used to getting injured, but my wife quietly treats me but sighs deeply,” he said, shedding light on Ye Jung Hwa’s support.

ma dong-seok wife
Credit: Ma Dong Seok, Ye Jung Hwa Instagram

He also credited his wife with being the creative mind behind his Instagram content. “I’m not great at Instagram, but my wife comes up with all the ideas. Someone commented that they hadn’t laughed in a while until they saw my post, which made me realize the importance of frequent updates. I see Instagram as similar to movies; life is hard, and I hope to bring joy to people, even if just for a moment, through my films and my posts,” Ma explained, drawing a parallel between his cinematic work and social media presence.

When asked about his unique choice of profile pictures on portal sites, Ma Dong Seok’s response was filled with his characteristic humor. “I actually don’t have a formal profile picture. The ones you see are just photos taken by people around me. I’m surprisingly busy, and to be honest, I’m not very confident in my looks. I know my face, so I can already see the results of a professional shoot,” he confessed, eliciting laughter with his candidness.


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