Ma Dong Seok’s ‘Badland Hunters’ Becomes the Most Popular Non-English Movie on Netflix

badland hunters review
badland hunters review
Credit: Netflix

Badland Hunters claimed the top spot on the Netflix global Top 10 list just three days after its release.

Badland Hunters is a movie about the final struggle of those who live in an apocalyptic wasteland of Seoul where everything from civilization to law and order has collapsed. Since its release on January 26th, it has recorded 14.3 million views in three days, ranking first in the non-English movie category of the Netflix global TOP 10 and second in the overall category. In addition, it has entered the TOP 10 list in 82 countries.

Various local and international media outlets showered the movie with acclaim. Dmtalkies commented, “The movie finds many moments to be funny. They maintain that tone throughout the action sequences as well, which is one of the many reasons the movie is so interesting.” 

Moviehookers stated, “Badland Hunters was way better than I could ever have hoped for.” Den of Geek described Ma Dong Seok as, “Korea’s most kick-ass action hero.” An iMBC journalist praised the film for its fast-paced story development and cool action sequences.

>> Netflix’s ‘Badland Hunters’ Trailer Dropped: A Glimpse into Ma Dong Seok’s Latest Action-Packed World

Viewers also shared their positive feedback, commenting, “The movie’s action scenes are fantastic – they’re so satisfying! There were many funny moments throughout the film,” and “I enjoyed every single moment watching it even at home.”

In response to this popularity, Netflix released unseen pictures of supporting actors who appeared in the film.

badland hunters review

Source: Netflix

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