Netflix’s ‘Badland Hunters’ Trailer Dropped: A Glimpse into Ma Dong Seok’s Latest Action-Packed World

badland hunters movie
badland hunters movie
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has unveiled the main poster and trailer for the eagerly awaited film Badland Hunters, starring Ma Dong Seok. The poster captures the post-apocalyptic world’s survivors: Nam San (Ma Dong Seok), Yang Ki Soo (Lee Hee Jun), Ji Wan (Lee Jun Young), and Su Na (Roh Jeong Eui). In particular, Nam San and Ji Wan are both armed with their unique weapons, a shotgun and a bow, hinting at the fierce battles to come.

The released main trailer showcases Nam San’s gripping action in a world devastated by ruin. As Nam San confronts enigmatic adversaries, anticipation escalates. Adding to the suspense is Yang Ki Soo, the only doctor among the earthquake survivors, whose intense gaze and the chilling declaration, “I’ll help you all survive,” promise a thrilling narrative.

The trailer also teases a desperate fight to save Su Na, involving Nam San and Ji Wan, set against the post-apocalyptic world. Ma Dong Seok showcases his signature impactful action scenes, declaring, “Get a grip. These things aren’t human,” before launching into an attack. The anticipation is further amplified with the tagline, “One last hunt to save us all.”

Meanwhile, Badland Hunters is an action blockbuster depicting the ultimate battle for survival in a lawless, power-dominated world. The film is set to premiere on Netflix on the 26th, promising high-octane action and drama in a ravaged landscape.

Source: Netflix

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