Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon Open Up About Their Relationship Post ‘Single’s Inferno 3’

lee gwan hee choi hye seon
lee gwan hee choi hye seon
Credit: Lee Gwan Hee, Choi Hye Seon Instagram

Lee Gwan Hee, a basketball player for Changwon LG Sakers, and Choi Hye Seon, who became one of the final couples in the Netflix show Single’s Inferno 3, have clarified that they are not in a relationship.

In a statement released via his YouTube channel on the 20th, Lee Gwan Hee addressed their relationship post-show. He stated, “I wanted to limit discussions related to Single’s Inferno 3 during the (basketball) season, but felt the need to clarify our relationship status.”

He continued, “Regarding whether Choi Hye Seon and I are a couple, I want to say that we are not. We occasionally contacted each other after the broadcast and met a few times at group gatherings. However, I prefer a relationship where I see my partner every day. Given that Choi Hye Seon had to return to the UK and I had to focus on training in Changwon, I honestly didn’t think we were possible.”

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Lee Gwan Hee added, “Choi Hye Seon is a wonderful person, but realistically, physical distance can lead to emotional distance. That’s why I never really considered starting something. We’re both busy with our lives, and I apologize that we couldn’t become a couple despite everyone’s support.”

Choi Hye Seon also shared her thoughts on Instagram: “Even though we had enough conversations on how to overcome a long-distance relationship in Paradise, it seems that in reality, the time difference and distance became an insurmountable barrier, contrary to our confident feelings for each other.”

She went on, “Watching the show and recalling those moments, even we felt emotional and lingering. Dealing with this situation was really difficult because we received more support and love than expected. I’m sorry and feel very heavy-hearted to deliver disappointing news shortly after the show. We treated each other sincerely, and we still remain in a good and respectful relationship. I would be deeply grateful if you continue to support us with a beautiful heart.”


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