Jeon Hye Jin’s Glimpse Into Life After Lee Sun Kyun’s Passing

Lee Sun Kyun's wife
Lee Sun Kyun's wife
Credit: HODU&U Entertainment

A new photo of Jeon Hye Jin was revealed a few weeks after the passing of her husband Lee Sun Kyun.

On January 18th, Jeon Hye Jin’s agency HODU&U Entertainment posted a photo of the actress on Instagram with the caption, “Jeon Hye Jin is here to keep you awake in the drowsy afternoon.”

The photo shows Jeon Hye Jin tying her shoelaces during studio filming, making her first official appearance since her husband’s passing. It hints that she might be gearing up for a return to the acting scene.

Fans who came across the photo shared heartfelt support, offering words of encouragement for a fresh start. Comments like, “Thank you for the picture,” “Love your shows; best of luck,” and “Keep your chin up. I’ll be waiting for you,” poured in.

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  • Dear sweet lady and your family. Blessings to you. Take one day at a time. Lean on those you trust the most to be your support. One day they will need you too. I won’t pretend to know your pain however I am sending you my love and support during this very difficult time. Blessings from Texas, USA.

  • My condolences to you and your family. So sorry for your lose. I loved all your husband’s works. He didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. And we all make mistakes no one is perfect. But he took those test each time and it was negative. Not just one but few different areas. He even wanted to take a lie detector test. But what the police and media did to him was so unjust, leaking his name and details only police knew. So please he felt helpless and he lost so much. So sorry he couldn’t hold out one more day. I hope they send the 2 lady’s to prison for 20 years. We love you and please take care.

  • Since the passing away of your husband, I have been watching his past kdramas and kmovies, to keep him alive in my heart. I dearly miss all his cinematic roles which is superb. Be strong and go on with your life. Lee is watching you. Love from Bangkok🥰

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