‘PD Note’ Investigates Controversy Surrounding Police Conduct in Late Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Allegations

lee sun kyun death reason
lee sun kyun death reason
Credit: MBC

The MBC current affairs program PD Note shed light on the contentious police investigation into late actor Lee Sun Kyun‘s alleged drug use. The episode, aired on the 16th, highlighted the 70 days leading to Lee Sun Kyun’s passing while under investigation for drug allegations.

Experts who featured on the show argued that the police aggressively pursued the case without conclusive evidence. Kim, the nightclub manager who made allegations against celebrities, including Lee Sun Kyun, reportedly provided inconsistent statements, and drug tests on Lee Sun Kyun came back negative.

Attorney Baek Min of Minbyun (Lawyers for a Democratic Society) criticized the investigation as “show-like.” He commented, “Investigations should be conducted confidentially. Such publicized investigations are aimed at pressuring the suspect through public opinion, often to compensate for lack of substantial evidence.”

Professionals analyzed Lee Sun Kyun’s three public summons. Professor Kim Tae Kyung of Seowon University’s Department of Counseling Psychology noted, “(Lee Sun Kyun) used words like ‘sincerely’ and ‘honestly.’ It seems he expected to portray his genuineness. However, after the third investigation, his words indicate a heightened sense of anxiety and fear.”

Post the third investigation, Lee Sun Kyun, who underwent a grueling 19-hour overnight questioning, apologized for making reporters wait. Professor Kim interpreted this as possibly stemming from fear of the media, adding, “The extent of the media’s harshness from the first to the third investigation is something he couldn’t have been unaware of.”

Lee Sun Kyun also claimed he was a victim of extortion and asked for a fair judgment. Professor Lim Myung Ho of Dankook University’s Department of Psychotherapy said, “His anger seemed more evident after the third interview. He finally expressed his opinion, asking for a fair assessment.”

PD Note raised concerns about the police possibly conducting excessive investigations on celebrities due to increased pressure for results. However, the Incheon Police Department refuted claims, stating, “We deeply regret the passing of the deceased and extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Contrary to some claims, there were absolutely no instances of public summons demands or leaks of investigative details by the police.”

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