Ahn Bo Hyun Reveals What It Was Like Filming Kiss Scenes With His Best Friend Kim Go Eun

Ahn Bo Hyun Kiss Scene
Ahn Bo Hyun Kiss Scene
Credit: SBS

Ahn Bo Hyun shared the story behind his kiss scene with Kim Go Eun on Yumi’s Cells Season 2.

Ahn Bo Hyun guest-starred on the January 16th episode of Strong Heart VS, where he shared intriguing stories about some of his intimate scenes with female co-stars. When Jun Hyun Moo mentioned, “I heard that Bo Hyun gets very nervous when filming love scenes,” Ahn Bo Hyun replied, “I don’t know why, but there is a love scene in every drama I do. I asked to scrap it as it felt cliched. I think there was also one in FlexxCop.” Intrigued, Jo Hyun Ah and Uhm Ji Yoon asked him which episode featured the love scene, and he responded, “It’s the first episode.”

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When Jo Hyun Ah asked, “Which one is more nerve-wracking for you – the shower scene or the kiss scene?” Ahn Bo Hyun answered, “I get more nervous with kiss scenes because I’m not doing them alone. There is a lot to consider to create a beautiful scene. How you use your hands is crucial, but I have really big hands. So, I had to film the scene multiple times as it looked like I was strangling my co-star with my giant hands.”

Ahn Bo Hyun previously drew lots of attention for his kiss scene with Kim Go Eun in Yumi’s Cells. He recalled, “We’re best friends, so we just consider it as a job.” Regarding how he normally prepares for the kiss scene, the actor explained, “I drink an entire bottle of edible mouthwash, and I once ended up feeling sick with a burning feeling in my stomach.”

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