‘Death’s Game’ Part 2 Earns Rave Reviews for Its Unexpected Plot Twists and Unforeseen Events

death game ending
death game ending
Credit: TVING

TVING’s original series Death’s Game has ended on a high note with Choi Yi Jae successfully getting his revenge. According to Flixpatrol, the drama became the second most popular TV show on Amazon Prime Video.

Part 2 of the series depicts how Choi Yi Jae uses his remaining five lives. Having lost his girlfriend Lee Ji Soo (played by Go Youn Jung) to Taegang Group’s CEO Park Tae Woo (Kim Ji Hoon), Yi Jae attempts to cleverly get back at Tae Woo despite Death’s (Park So Dam) warning against killing for revenge. He gathers proof of Tae Woo’s crimes after being reborn as the mysterious painter Jung Gyu Chul (Kim Jae Wook) and successfully punishes him in his subsequent life as detective Ahn Ji Hyung (Oh Jung Se).

Fans particularly praised Choi Yi Jae’s clever strategies for delivering a cathartic revenge. The accumulated evidence, including security camera footage from Jung Gyu Chul’s studio, Park Jin Tae’s (Choi Si Won) memories revealing Tae Woo’s wrongdoing, a bomb orchestrated by problem solver Lee Ju Hun (Jang Seung Jo) and money received by Song Jae Seob (Sung Hoon), all struck Park Tae Woo like a fatal blow. The scene where Detective Ahn Ji Hyung, or Choi Yi Jae, bids farewell to Park Tae Woo left a lasting impression as he ended the long-standing ill fate. The unexpected final twist also brought astonishment.

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Fans who watched Part 2 flooded the comment section with praises, stating, “The cast’s performances are amazing,” “The final twist is so shocking,” “It was great to see the secret cast members again,” and “The drama is perfect in terms of directing, plot, music, and acting.”

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