Kim Tae Ri Reflects on ‘Alienoid Part 1’ Box Office Struggle, Anticipates Part 2

kim tae ri alienoid
kim tae ri alienoid
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Kim Tae Ri has candidly shared her thoughts on the box office flop of Alienoid Part 1, acknowledging the team’s considerations for the sequel. In an interview with OSEN on January 4th, Kim Tae Ri expressed, “Everyone involved wondered why the movie failed so hard, what should be done next and how Part 2 should be presented to the audience.”

She reflected, “Personally, I think it would have been better if Parts 1 and 2 had been released simultaneously. The mysteries (in Part 1) could have been resolved in Part 2.”

Alienoid: The Return to the Future, aka Alienoid Part 2, is an action-packed film featuring a fierce battle for a mythical sword and hidden secrets, set against a backdrop of time-traveling humans and Taoists striving to save the future. Kim Tae Ri portrays Lee Ahn, a character known for her lightning abilities.

Despite high expectations, Alienoid Part 1, released in July 2022, faced a tepid response from audiences, leading to unexpected box office results. This prompted director Choi Dong Hoon, the actors, and the production team to collectively diagnose the shortcomings and strategize for Part 2.

The actress, satisfied with Part 2, shared, “All the foreshadowing unravels in Part 2, and it’s filled with interesting elements. Particularly, the scene where the train flips was exquisite. It looked so real (thanks to the CGI). Even though I knew the ending since I was part of it, the final battle scene felt incredibly realistic.”

Reflecting on the action scenes she performed, Kim Tae Ri said, “I like to be physical, so it was fine. At the beginning of the filming, I went to action school to learn the necessary movements and exercises. Action is interesting because the emotions you convey depend on how you use your body. The fun of smoothly executed action versus sharply executed action is different. Each character has its own action style, and it was fun to observe them. I learned a lot about this aspect while working on this project.”

Meanwhile, Alienoid: The Return to the Future will hit the theaters on January 10th.

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