Fans React To TVXQ’s ‘Rebel’ + 20th Anniversary ‘Fandoms Can’t Do This’ + ‘They Still Look 20!’

tvxq rebel 20th anniversary
tvxq rebel 20th anniversary

While the year 2023 was filled with a plethora of jaw-dropping debuts, memorable comebacks, and power-packed releases, the end of the year rolled out some wonderful moments that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

The year may be coming to a close but it didn’t stop a variety of groups like TVXQ from making a comeback. While first-gen and second-gen K-Pop stans are elated to see headlines of TVXQ, Super Junior, SISTAR19 and others standing back on the grand stage, the 20th anniversary celebration of TVXQ drew some buzz and wild reactions from fans.

TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin come together as an unstoppable duo with the release of “Rebel” from their 9th album 20&2.  They also released a song for their Japanese fans titled “Epitaph – For the Future” but “Rebel” was the most well-received with over 5 million views at present.

Although comments continue to pour in even now, check out some of the best fan reactions and comments down below!

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While there are many “Kings” of K-Pop, TVXQ might really be the crown bearers.

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May the universe grant me patience for my next favorite K-Pop group comeback… but hurry!

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Did your K-Pop oppas have 30 backup dancers? Go TVXQ!

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The members transformed in style but visually remain the same!

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Even now, TVXQ attracts new fans around the world! Welcome to your new black hole.

Fans are noticing how unique the songs instrumental is and appreciate the nod to s holiday classic.

Even their backup dancers are getting love!

More and more fans are getting under TVXQ’s skin~

One dedicated fan loves TVXQ so much that they paid for a Europa Message in a bottle with the TVXQ members’ names on that is headed for space! Talk about a stellar K-Pop group!

The members also shared their thoughts and reacted to how they felt about their incredibly long history as K-Pop artists!

Which comment was your absolute favorite? Do you agree with the fans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and support TVXQ too!

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