Changmin Reflects on the Mixed Feelings of Being Seen as “Ideal Idol” by Younger Artists

changmin tvxq
changmin tvxq
Credit: YouTube “Sung Si Kyung”

The latest episode of Sung Si Kyung’s YouTube show featured a candid talk with TVXQ’s Changmin as a guest.

In the video, host Sung Si Kyung opened the conversation by admiring how Changmin debuted in the entertainment industry at the young age of 15 and achieved success. “If I were a young K-pop idol, I’d probably think of you as the most ‘ideal idol,” said Sung Si Kyung.

Responding to this, Changmin expressed his mixed feelings: “Personally, it’s pleasing yet annoying when they (younger idols) say they want to be like me. It doesn’t feel like they genuinely like me or respect me,” he shared. He added, “I sense that they’re just envious of my current situation, which is bittersweet.”

Changmin continued, “I joined SM Entertainment at 14 and debuted as a member of TVXQ after a year of being a trainee. Honestly, it wasn’t something I started because I liked it.” He revealed, “A casting staff member approached me for an audition, and even though I didn’t know much, I was drawn to the idea that someone recognized and encouraged me. That’s how I started and have continued until now.”

Sung Si Kyung empathized, saying, “TVXQ is a good example of ‘this can be a profession.’ The way you continue to be a top performer is a case of ‘I can do it like that’ for the younger artists.”

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