Late Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s Final Interview Echoes His Acting Philosophy

lee sun kyun parasite
lee sun kyun parasite
Credit: YouTube “News Magazine Chicago”

The last interview of the late actor Lee Sun Kyun has been released to the public.

News Magazine Chicago uploaded the final interview of the late actor on their official YouTube channel on the 27th. It’s a roughly 5-minute edit of the final few questions of the interview conducted in Chicago, USA, on October 7th. At the time, Lee Sun Kyun was visiting to receive the Excellent Achievement at the 17th Asian Pop-up Cinema.

In the video, interviewer Kim Ho Jung asked, “Having walked the path of an actor for over 20 years, how do you think you have developed since you started acting?” Lee Sun Kyun responded, “It’s been great,” and added, “I’ve experienced things I couldn’t even dream of. (Parasite) won the Best Picture at the Academy Awards and got applause from Hollywood celebrities. Going to the Academy felt like a dream. It was like going on a wonderful package tour in a dream. Compared to when I started, I really became a dragon (from the Korean idiom’ Dragons can rise from gutters’).”

Kim complimented him, saying, “You are in such a place because of the skills you have built up,” to which Lee humbly replied, “This feels like an award for not giving up and working hard, which makes it very meaningful.”

When asked what kind of acting he wants to show, Lee answered, “I will continue to write a new diary. I don’t want to greedily go after something. But rather, each project and character is about making something new, so I want to keep making them, gratefully and thoughtfully.”

Finally, when asked, “What does acting mean to you?” Lee shared, “Before, when I was asked the same question, I answered that it felt like homework that keeps on coming.” He added, “I’m not a planner, so I wasn’t so keen on reviewing or preparing in advance, but I do want to excel at the homework given to me.” He further explained, “By doing so, even just doing the homework well enriches and enlarges one. Acting has made it so. It was the driving force of my life, my sustenance. Now, it seems like acting is like a ‘diary’ to me.”

He concluded by saying, “Receiving the award today is like looking at a diary stacked up. It makes me think that what I’ve done so far isn’t bad. If it’s an award given for diligent work, I’d love to write another well-written diary.”

Fans who watched the video commemorated him with comments like, “Rest in peace to the actor I admired” and “His last diary entry on December 27th, 2023, has put a period in the hearts of many.”

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  • I started following his acting after I watched Pasta. I think he was a fantastic actor. He was amazing and I am so saddened about his passing. He needed help not crucifying!! My heart is heavy with sadness for he and his family. I can’t imagine what his wife is going through right now but hope she knows that “this too shall pass” and knows that there are those of us who are praying for her and wishing her well!!! God bless you young lady and your children as well!!!

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