Park Min Young Shows Commitment to Her Role in ‘Marry My Husband’ With Remarkable Weight Loss

park min young weight loss
park min young weight loss
Credit: tvN

Park Min Young opened up about her significant weight loss for her role in the upcoming tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband, premiering on January 1st at 8:50 PM KST. The drama, based on a popular webtoon of the same name, revolves around a woman who, after being murdered by her best friend and husband, travels back 10 years to rewrite her dire fate.

In the drama, Park Min Young portrays Kang Ji Won, who undergoes a dramatic transformation from being a victim to a destiny trailblazer. Kang Ji Won, after enduring a tough life and facing betrayal from loved ones, gets a chance to reset her life 10 years ago. This opportunity leads her to change her passive approach to life and actively forge her own destiny.

Reflecting on her first encounter with the script, the actress showed her deep engagement with the character. She shared, “I was immediately hooked and read it in one breath. I was enchanted by Kang Ji Won’s determination to live properly and spent a happy time imagining how to best depict her.”

In a notable transformation for her role, Park brought down her weight to 37kg to accurately portray Kang Ji Won’s struggle with cancer. Detailing her approach to her character’s inner and outer turmoil, she said, “It wasn’t just about being thin. I wanted to express her dire pain and resorted to weight loss, surviving on electrolyte drinks during the shoot.”

Additionally, Park cut her hair rather short to depict Kang Ji Won’s change after her regression dramatically. “Even when doing the same things, past Ji Won and present Ji Won have different purposes and energies. I worked hard to create a common intersection within the same character,” she explained.

Finally, Park Min Young highlighted a key point in the drama: “It carries a message that one must be the master of their life. Watch how Ji Won slowly learns what it means to leave and have an awakening in almost every episode. I hope viewers will find it refreshing.”

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