Kim Young Dae Talks About the Unexpectedly Low Viewership of ‘Moon in the Day’

kim young dae moon in the day
kim young dae moon in the day

Kim Young Dae shared his thoughts on a post-finale interview on the afternoon of the 18th for the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama Moon in the Day.

Moon in the Day is a drama about a ghost who falls in love with a woman he has to kill, entwining a dangerous and poignant tale of revenge. In the drama, Kim Young Dae played dual roles: Han Joo Oh, a top star in South Korea, and Do Ha, a victorious Silla general who won the king’s favor.

Despite its compelling storyline, Moon in the Day started with a 1.6% viewership rating and concluded on the 14th with 1.5% (according to Nielsen Korea). Kim Young Dae expressed his disappointment, “I also think it could’ve been better. It was a project many people worked on with one heart and effort for a long time, so it’s sad that the viewership ratings were low.”

However, he added, “Despite the low ratings, the viewers who did watch gave us really good feedback. The drama left a lot of lingering feelings, and in the long run, I think it was a good stimulus.” The actor went on, “Each episode might have lacked provocative elements that could bring up viewership, but overall, I think Moon in the Day was a decent drama. There are various types of dramas, and we need ones like this too.”

kim young dae moon in the day

Taking on dual roles for the first time in Moon in the Day, Kim shared, “The most important thing for me was making sure the two characters were distinctly different.” He elaborated, “It was difficult to approach Do Ha and Joon Oh when I read the scripts for the first time. Do Ha was especially more challenging, and I pondered a lot on how to best portray this character. I decided to make a big gap between the two characters, so Joon Oh was more upbeat, while Do Ha had a scary and stern expression. It was effective as they seemed like two different people.”

Moon in the Day is based on the popular webtoon of the same name. Kim talked about feelings of pressure starring in the drama adaptation of such popular work, saying, “At first, I didn’t know about the webtoon when I received the script. I read it after my agency CEO recommended it, and later, I realized it was really popular and had a big fanbase. That’s when the pressure started to build.”

He concluded, “I had already decided to join the production, but I didn’t want to back out just because of the pressure from the webtoon’s popularity. I wanted to take responsibility and give it a good performance. The pressure was a good stimulus for me rather than a bad one.”

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