G-Dragon Will Be Cleared of Drug Allegations, But What About Lee Sun Kyun?

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Credit: SBS

Police have decided to conclude the drug case involving G-Dragon next week.

The Drug Crime Investigation Unit of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency reported on December 13th that G-Dragon is expected to be cleared of illegal drug use allegations.

Previously, G-Dragon tested negative in hair, urine and fingernail tests conducted by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. In November, he willingly cooperated with police questioning and firmly denied any allegations of drug use.

Despite their best efforts, authorities couldn’t find evidence to support the allegations against G-Dragon. The investigation even contacted club employees and celebrities who frequented the venue, but statements confirming the accusations were not obtained.

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Meanwhile, the person who blackmailed Lee Sun Kyun remains unknown into the second month of the police investigation. The Drug Crime Investigation Unit is actively pursuing the person who collaborated with the club hostess to extort money from the actor.

While the hostess is already facing charges of using illegal drugs, the blackmailer has remained unidentified for the past two months. Authorities are now ruling out the possibility of the collaborator being a fictional person created by the hostess.

The police have summoned Lee Sun Kyun twice as a suspect in a drug case, and they are planning to bring him once more, this time as a victim of the extortion case. There is also a possibility of a third summons for additional investigation into the drug use allegations.

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