Police Dismiss Drug Allegations Against G-Dragon’s Close Friend Actor B, No Plans for Inquiry

G-Dragon drug
G-Dragon drug
Credit: Dispatch

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency has officially removed actor B from their investigation list, despite his known association with G-Dragon.

During a phone conversation with Dispatch, the police agency made it clear: “Actor B is not a subject of our investigation, and contrary to reports, we have no intentions of summoning him.”

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G-Dragon drug
Credit: KBS
G-Dragon drug
Credit: KBS

This development follows a KBS report last month, claiming potential expansion in the investigation due to new testimonies from K, the manager of the entertainment establishment. According to the report, K changed her statement during the police interrogation. “I never saw G-Dragon using drugs directly. B was in the bathroom for a long time. He wasn’t drinking, but his eyes were unfocused,” she supposedly claimed.

The police have been relying on K’s words and phone for the investigation. They included G-Dragon in the investigation list based on a text message saying, “G-Dragon came to the store (establishment),” and her statement that “there was cocaine in the room’s bathroom.” However, G-Dragon confronted the drug allegations head-on by voluntarily undergoing a detailed drug test. The National Forensic Service confirmed his drug tests, including hair and nail samples, were negative.

G-Dragon drug
Credit: Dispatch

K then suddenly shifted her target to actor B, raising suspicions of drug use, and KBS exclusively reported this as a “possibility of expanding the police investigation.”

However, the police appear no longer swayed by K’s statements. The Incheon Agency stated, “Just because names are mentioned, it doesn’t mean everyone is summoned,” dismissing the possibility of an expanded investigation. The police had previously relied on K’s statements to bring down celebrities for questioning. However, the investigation lost steam after the National Forensic Service confirmed negative drug test results for both Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon.


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