G-Dragon Strikes Back After All His Tests Come Back Negative of Any Drugs

G Dragon drug
G Dragon drug
Credit: Yonhap News

K-pop megastar G-Dragon has started a counterattack against drug suspicions.

On the 21st, the National Forensic Service disclosed that no trace of drugs was detected in G-Dragon’s hair, fingernails, or toenails. Despite the police’s reticence regarding the precise results, stating only that “other aspects are still under investigation,” G-Dragon received negative results all three times, from a preliminary test to detailed examinations of hair and nails, edging closer to proving his innocence.

Amid this development, Yonhap News revealed the previously unreleased part of G-Dragon’s interview. When asked if enduring such scrutiny is part of being a public figure and celebrity, he responded, “I am enduring, and it is indeed a part I must bear. As a result, I’m always careful and rigorously manage myself. I’m proud to say that I have lived and continue to live this way. However, unintentionally being involved in such an incident and causing worry to my fans pains me.”

Addressing the question of celebrities succumbing to drugs due to the void or stress they feel, G-Dragon firmly stated, “That’s not the case for me. Whenever I feel void or stressed, I find and have found ways to cope. But that should never involve drugs, and it doesn’t.”

>> G-Dragon Tests Negative in Drug Hair Follicle Test, Awaiting Results for Fingernail Samples

G-Dragon further expressed, “In other tough times, I would reassure myself with ‘It’s okay, things will work out.’ But these past few days, I’ve found myself at a loss for words, even to myself. I regret causing concern as a public figure and a celebrity, but I urge everyone not to worry too much and to wait for the outcome. I hope to return to my place as a singer, greeting you all with a smile, as soon as possible. I wish to meet you again on topics where I can exert a positive influence. To do that, I need to resolve this situation promptly.”

Following these revelations, G-Dragon has declared an all-out war against his cyberbullies.

G-Dragon’s legal representative, Kim Su Hyeon of K1 Chamber, announced on the 22nd, “We are in the process of taking legal action against those who have created malicious posts, including defamation, insult, sexual harassment, spreading false information, and malicious slander against G-Dragon.” She added, “We’re gathering evidence of these infringements to file multiple complaints with the authorities, planning to respond with a zero-tolerance policy. We will hold the perpetrators accountable to the fullest extent without any settlement or leniency.”

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