Exclusive Interview: BLITZERS Talk Success of ‘Macarena’ and YouTube Hacking Scare

blitzers members
blitzers members
Credit: Wuzo Entertainment

With “Macarena” successfully solidifying their place in K-Pop, six-member boy group BLITZERS have found the right formula to make them the “it” group at the moment.

BLITZERS debuted in 2021 under Wuzo Entertainment. The members Jinhwa, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan, Wooju and Go_U (who is currently on leave for health reasons) are known for their vibrant personalities, ability to carry out some extraordinarily complex choreography on stage, and show their affection endlessly for their fandom, Blee. The boys eagerly discuss their current success, reveal future concept plans, and even recollect  the fear of almost losing their MVS after their YouTube page was hacked. Get to know the history of BLITZERS as well as each member’s charming points in this exclusive interview.

Q1. The boys first shared how things changed and the experiences they shared during the successful promotions for “Macarena.”

Wooju: Since we have big goals, I wouldn’t say we were completely successful yet but we enjoyed the time spent with not only fans of Blitzers but with everyone who enjoyed “Macarena.” I think that was the most unique part.

Jinhwa: I was proud and surprised to see so many reels about the “Macarena Challenge.” I’m proud that everyone enjoyed it so much. 

Chris: During Macarena promotions, we were nominated for 1st place on THE SHOW music program which was very surprising! It was a really special moment and I was thankful.

Q2. Aside from “Macarena” the boys have had a handful of popular songs such as the similarly festive song “Circle.” When asked about future concepts, BLITZERS excitedly shared what they have in store for Blee.

Lutan: I really enjoyed the atmosphere of “Macarena” at the time. Every day felt like a festival so I want to do a similarly fun concept again.

Sya: That’s right, me too. If we have a lot of fun and enjoy ourselves then our fans will too. So, we really want to show you guys how much fun we can have. 

Juhan: Having a bright and pleasant feeling is great but I think Blitzers has a variety of sides we want to show and share. Going forward, I want to try and find a new concept with music that feels different.

Q3. The news of BLITZERS YouTube account being hacked was very scary! The boys discussed the fear and anxiety they faced at that moment as well.

Sya: I was extremely worried thinking ‘Wow, what can we even do?’ and ‘Will everything be OK? I wondered if it would ever be restored or was all the footage BLITZER worked so hard to capture going to be lost.

Lutan: We worried how Blee would feel once they saw this. They would be awfully surprised. Still, I was glad that it was restored without any lost footage.

Q4. Without a doubt, it was a relief all their hard work and content could be saved. After the big scare, the boys regrouped and held their first fan concert in October. The boys stated what they enjoyed most about performing for Blee.

Jinhwa: I can’t forget the chanting of Blee the most during the concert.

Wooju: For me, the biggest and most memorable experience was reading the letter written for Blee. It honestly brought tears to my eyes. 

blitzers members
Credit: Wuzo Entertainment

Q5. After visiting Blee for two months in Tokyo and Osaka, BLITZER are preparing and heading to Japan again for the 2023 Korean festival. We asked the boys how it felt to be loved by international fans and their time in Japan.

Jutan: It was our first visit to Nagoya and the atmosphere was so nice! We worked hard to show you a new side of BLITZERS so we are grateful for the great response.

Luhan: It was my second time visiting Japan and I felt elated because so many Blee welcomed us! I’m excited to be with you all for the rest of our performances.

Q6. Of course, having overseas concerts and greeting international fans is a sign of great success but we wondered what was the moment the members of BLITZERS really felt their success and hard work fruition.

Juhan: I haven’t personally felt successful yet, but I felt the most proud when we received an award through the help of our fans, staff, and people around us.

Sya: Being nominated first place on a music show was a moment of success.

Chris: During activities for “Macarena” I suddenly heard the melody on the streets. I felt successful then!

Lutan: Every moment on the stage was a moment of success for me!

Q7. Amongst Blee, BLITZERS is a group known for impressive dance performances. We inquired how BLITZER’s dance style evolved from debut until the release of the second album MACARENA.

Sya: I’ve been interested in hip-hop before debut, but I’ve developed my skills to express various emotions through our hip-hop style.

Chris: I feel like our style changed a lot because our dance style used to be very powerful on the stage but now we try to enjoy it more so that the audience can have fun together.

 Q8. Jinhwa is credited with creating the choreography for the second single, “MACARENA.” BLITZERS gave insight on the collaborative process within the group’s dynamics.

Wooju: For “Macarena”, Jinhwa formed the choreography first, then we all gathered together to think about the group composition and came up with various ideas. We tried to make it from there!

Jinhwa: That’s right. I put on earphones and made the choreography while listening to the melody. Then I shared my opinions with the members on areas that were a bit stiff or required other creative ideas.

blitzers members
Credit: Wuzo Entertainment

Q9. After learning more about this phenomenal boy group, the boys gathered together to share a final message for the very important and special fans, Blee.

Jinhwa: Blee always cheer for us every comeback. We will work hard to improve every time! 

Juhan: Dear Blee, it is getting cold lately! Please dress warmly, eat warm foods and let’s meet in good health next time! Health always comes first.

Sya: Thank you for always supporting us and let’s meet again real soon. I love you!!!

Chris: Hello BLEE! You all are lovely and I miss you! Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon!

Lutan: Thank you to Blee who support us anytime, anywhere. Let’s continue to have good memories and fun activities together next year and the year after. I love you!!

Wooju: Hi, Blee! Wherever you find us, we will try our best! So, please look forward to BLITZERS! Thank you for reading this interview, and I’ll see you next time.

blitzers members
Credit: Wuzo Entertainment

With a handful of concerts in Japan alongside some alarming headlines, the boys continue to attract fans globally and show potential to become a highly recognized K-Pop act. Their love for their fans is endearing and their will to continue to succeed is admirable! BLITZERS are preparing for their next comeback next year and anticipate the future opportunities they have to meet their fans – with both new and familiar concepts. Follow BLITZERS on their SNS and stay tuned for more K-Pop idol interviews.

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