BTS Members Jimin and Jungkook Say Goodbye to Fans Ahead of Military Enlistment

BTS Jimin Jungkook enlistment
BTS Jimin Jungkook enlistment
Credit: Jungkook and Jimin’s Weverse

BTS members Jimin and Jungkook shared their final messages before embarking on their mandatory military service together.

The two BTS stars are enlisting today and they are the last members of their group to fulfill their military duties. The training camp where they enlisted is the same location where BTS’s Jin is currently serving as a sergeant.

BTS Jimin Jungkook enlistment
Credit: Jimin’s Weverse

Jimin opened up about his feelings in a Weverse live on December 11th, revealing his brand new buzz cut. He expressed, “I’ll return safely. It doesn’t feel real yet, and it’s hard to put my feelings into words. But now that I’ve shaved my head, it’s starting to sink in.”

Jimin told fans, saying, “Even now, I miss you, but how much more will I miss you when I’m gone? We have to go quickly, so we can all resume activities together sooner. Enlisting with Jungkook gives me a lot of strength.”

He reassured fans about the future, stating, “RM, V, Jin, J-Hope and Suga are doing well and will do well. Jungkook and I will also fulfill our duties and return. After coming back, we’ll go on tours and concerts. We’ll also release albums and spend enjoyable times together as we did before. I’ll work hard during my service, practice as much as I can, and come back showing growth. I’ll reflect a lot, feel deep gratitude toward you all, keenly sense the empty space and return. I’ll go and return safely. If I can leave messages during my service, I’ll definitely find a way. Let’s catch up once I’m back. We’ll meet up for some awesome times. Gonna miss you all. Love you.”

BTS Jimin Jungkook enlistment
Credit: Jungkook’s Weverse

Similarly, Jungkook hosted a Weverse live on the eve of his enlistment. Turning on the camera at 1:44 AM, he shared, “I’ll be back safe and sound. I’m feeling restless as the day approaches, but I need to get some sleep today so I can focus well tomorrow. I’ll finish everything I need to do today and take a rest.”

He continued, “When tomorrow comes, all the members will be in military service. Thank you so much for supporting us until now. Stay healthy and happy. I’ll miss you. I can’t give a salute yet as I haven’t enlisted, but I’ll greet you with a proper salute after completing training. Goodbye. I love you. I’ll come back stronger.”

Jimin and Jungkook are expected to complete their military service on June 11th, 2025.

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