BTS Member Jin Shares Funny Military Story About Training New Recruits Jungkook, RM, V and Jimin

bts military service
Credit: Big Hit Music

Jin shared a hilarious story about disciplining the new BTS recruits. On December 11th, Jin left a comment on one of the photos on Weverse and shared a hilarious story.

bts military service
Credit: Big Hit Music

He wrote, “Hey Hope, the new recruits are coming up to me and talking like this. Is this how it’s supposed to be?” To which J-Hope answered, “No, brother, I’ll work on disciplining them.” Jin then replied, “Is there a ‘brother’ in the military? Is it right to talk to a superior like that?,” leading J-Hope to quickly apologize. Jin playfully shared this exchange with fans, bringing laughter to many.

bts military service
Credit: BTS Jin Weverse

In another screenshot, Jin greeted members, saying, “Seriously, it was 35 below zero, and there was a blizzard on my enlistment day. Unlike me, you guys are enlisting in good weather – You’re all living in a good world. Welcome, it’s your first time in the army, huh?”

bts military service
Credit: Jin’s Instagram

RM and V entered the Nonsan Army Training Center on the 11th, and Jimin and Jungkook are headed to the recruit training center today, where Jin serves as a sergeant.

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