Junny Kim Highlights How These K-Pop Collabs Helped Him Grow + Start of ‘Blanc’ Tour

Junny Kim blanc tour
Junny Kim blanc tour
Credit: Unbound Entertainment

Korean-Canadian singer Junny Kim has excitedly prepared for his debut studio album blanc and has revealed he will kick things off big with his official ‘blanc’ tour in Asia! After kicking things off with his first show in Hong Kong’s Music Zone E-Maxon on November 4th, Junny is eager to greet all of his friends and fans in Singapore, Taipei and Bangkok as well!

Before venturing off to share his music in the air, Junny took the time to speak with us about his debut album, artists he enjoyed working with, his impact in Korean music and even some personal experiences. Learn more about Junny’s sincere nature and explore some of his music in the interview below!

Although according to Junny his actual debut took place on April 6, 2017, with his EP Monochrome, we wanted to dive deeper into his official debut album and learn which song off the album new fans should listen to first. Junny replied, “I think the two songs I would strongly recommend first are my title track ‘Not About You’ and ‘Color Me ft Chungha.’ I also have a song that’s been getting some love in Japan called ‘INVITATION’ so I’d recommend that song too.”

“Not About You” is a pop ballad with a smooth and familiar rhythm composed alongside solemn and sentimental lyrics that reflect a lover’s complicated relationship. The song has a memorable melody and it is a suitable song for Junny to showcase his velvet-soft vocals.

“Color Me” is a song that maintains the smooth concept while remaining stimulating through its more energetic track. The synthetic sounds paired with the mid-energy beat complements both his and Chungha’s higher vocal range. It is a song you can get lost in while driving for sure.

Still, we can’t help but wonder which song was the most interesting or memorable for Junny to work on. When asked, Junny said, “I think every song was memorable, ever song I work on I tend to spend a lot of time polishing and fixing so I develop this love-hate relationship with each track I create.”

Junny’s last song “INVITATION” featured Gaeko and gained popularity in both Japan and Korea. With such a bright future, the chance to work with another artist, both Korean and International, is high. Junny had this to say when asked who he would love to work with.

“There’s always dreams of collaborating with every artist out there and I’m definitely open to working with both international and Korean. I’d like to keep that an open answer because you never know who I’ll be working with next!” What a tease!

After learning more about Junny’s music, we wanted to get to know him on a more personal level. Building and playing with Legos is one of his favorite hobbies as many fans already know. When asked if Junny added anything to the collection lately he revealed, “Lately I haven’t been able to get new sets for myself but the last one I’ve built was a Japanese garden set I’ve received from a fan and it was a pleasure building it.” Fans, we might have to group together and send this lovely singer more legos! He deserves them.

After working so hard on his debut album ‘blanc’ Junny revealed he still has other music genres that inspire him and capture his interest too. “I’m always interested in finding new R&B gems but I’ve been listening to a lot of alternative pop (‘anti-pop’) songs that incorporate a lot of the band sounds and it’s something that I’ve been playing around with when I get my time in the studio.”

If you don’t know, Junny is known to be a talented songwriter and producer, working alongside artists like EXO’s Kai, Luhan, NCT Dream, and IU. When asked about the creative process and what it’s like collaborating with these renowned artists, Junny said “It’s honestly an honor and such a dream come true for me, I would have never imagined being able to write for these artists. I get to see and learn so much from them. Making music for myself is something I can’t forget and am always grateful for.”

Junny Kim blanc tour
Credit: Unbound Entertainment

Outside of music, Junny has been a part of ØFFSHORE and hosted the Get Real podcast series. These experiences greatly impacted his creative process and interactions with fellow artists and fans. When discussing his growth, Junny shared, “They (the experiences) bring me positive energy and motivation to work harder as an artist and a way to express my gratitude towards my fans in a different way. I always have a great time with these wonderful people and hopefully will continue on to do so!”

Despite the variety of work under Junny’s built, he always dreamt of being a vocal coach in South Korea, but achieved so much more as a talented solo artist. When asked to reflect on how Junny’s dreams and aspirations have evolved over time he revealed what motivates him throughout musical journey.

“It’s been a yearly process for me and there’s always little changes in my goals and adjusting to my situations but in the end my dream was to create music and be able to get my music heard from all over the world. I felt like I’m just getting started and it’s all uphill from here. I’m very excited for the future and I just want to stay consistent and continue on expressing myself through my music and hopefully make my fans proud. I want to be able to reach more and more audiences!”

Now, Junny can do just that through his ‘blanc’ tour and is eagerly awaiting all of his fans on the stages of South East Asia! Before saying goodbye, Junny had a final message of love and gratitude for his endearing fans.

“I’m working hard to bring you the best music I can possibly make and I just want you all to know that I’m so, so grateful for all the love and support. I feel like I always say the same thing to my fans but I can’t say it enough – Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and I love you all!”

Check out more of Junny’s music here and don’t forget to check out his future tour dates down below!

Tour info:
11/4 – Saturday Hong Kong Music ZOne E-Bank
11/7 – Tuesday Singapore Esplanade Annexe
11/10 – Friday Kuala Lumpur The Bee
11/7 – Tuesday Singapore Esplanade Annexe
11/12 – Sunday Tai Pei The Wall

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