10 Costumes We Are Dying to See K-Pop Idols in This Halloween

Happy Halloween! We love a good chance to dress up and eat our favorite candy. Although idols are always dressed to the nines in some seriously unique styles, adorning them in Halloween costumes and seeing them rehearsing in the dance studio is practically tradition at this point – alongside the SMTown Halloween Party of course!

While we look forward to what our idols will surprise us with this year, there are just a few particular pieces any K-Pop fan would love to see certain idols wearing! From hilarious to oh-la-la dangerous, check out the various costumes these K-Pop idols should wear for Halloween down below!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Joe Star – Wonho
Credit: Dispatch, Shueisha

Wonho, just like many of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s cast, is quite the character. From his charming looks to his gorgeous body, Wonho is a working and moving piece of art just like many of the Jojo characters tend to be. Jojo characters love to flaunt their looks and are known for their dramatic details, defined body’s, and flamboyant posies. Even their outfits are bizarrely attractive. 

The eye-catching idol Wonho would make the perfect Jojo cosplayer – no matter who he dressed as because of his incredible physique (probably the strongest of any idols out there) and his sultry, revealing stage outfits. Still, if one had to choose, Wonho must flex his perfect muscles in a Joe Star cosplay! Joe Star has a very loud, witty and fun personality that is similar to Wonho and he loves flexing his arms and abs – a typical life in the days of Wonho if you ask me! It would be great to see Wonho put on a Halloween performance in this outfit.

CreditL KCONTACT, Game Artist YJM

Have you seen Hyunjin with his gorgeous blonde locks? The Stray Kids member is quite a visual idol to begin with and being the main dancer means he has all the power, stamina, and energy to go on a never ending quest just like Link himself. Although Link was never known for dancing, their looks are uncanny and who wouldn’t want to see Hyunjin dressed like the savior of our dreams? 

Hyunjin has a very uplifting and adventurous spirit, and it isn’t often you get to see K-Pop idols dressed up as complex video characters such as Link. Although Hyunjin is known as the prince of the group, if push comes to shove, we can envision him even in a princess Zelda cosplay. 

Barbie – OH MY GIRL Arin 
Credit: Mnet, Warner Bros. Picture

Innocent, caring and fair, the lovely Arin exudes so many charming traits that immediately make you fall in love with her. The same goes for Barbie. She is an iconic character with many visuals and known for inspiring people to look and feel their best.

Although the many voluminous blonde hairstyles of Barbie may be a challenge, the pretty in-pink princess concept is a perfect fit for this lovely idol who is already nicknamed Princess Arin. Similar to Barbie, Arin loves staying up-to-date with her many hobbies such as watching movies and meeting with friends and is known for being a fashionista who is dedicated to coordinating outfits. Arin’s stage outfits already have Barbie appeal, so why not give her a push and see how she would like in a full blown Barbie girl cosplay? Maybe she will look as marvelous as our other favorite K-Pop Barbies. 

One Piece Boa Hancock – IVE Wonyong
Credit: Gosphere, AUS: Madman Entertainment; NA/UK: Viz Media

Sometimes characters just instantly match a certain person’s flair – Wonyoung of IVE is completely applicable to just that. The famous, stunning and glamorous character Boa Hancock would be a perfect match in more ways than one.

Not only are they both center visuals but they each possess an attractive trait that draws in people. Plus they both sport some long gorgeous sleek black hairstyles and isn’t it convenient to have a costume that requires no wig? Slip Wonyoung into any one of these fashionable One Piece character’s many eccentric outfits and you got a match made in heaven!

Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo – BTS Jungkook
Credit: tvN, Shueisha

Satoru Gojo is a pretty boy. BTS Jungkook is a pretty boy. Need we say more? Serving up main character energy, it is no shock that when anyone thinks of Junitsu Kaisen they think of this silver-haired devil. Saturo Gojo is the icon of the show as Jungkook is to BTS. 

If you remember correctly, BTS Jungkook is known for frequently changing his hair colors for promotions since he is quite a visual member (Don’t tell worldwide handsome Jin!) but during their “Film Out” MV Jungkook was spotted with platinum white hair and looked amazing. Jungkook is also a big fan of action-packed anime such as “Attack on Titan” and “Death Note” so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Jungkook being a fan of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and trying to control the “Universe” as Satoru Gojo. Both of their playful and mischievous personalities go hand in hand.

Howl’s Moving Castle Howl – Super Junior Heechul
Credit: Saostar, Ghibli

Now this was a really hard choice to make as there are MANY handsome K-Pop idols who would do well in the role of Howl from the famous Ghibli film of the same name. However, we need an idol with flash, flair, and who can bring the drama as much as Howl does. Have you ever heard of Super Junior’s Heechul?

Super Junior’s Heechul is a perfect fit for the role of Howl this Halloween for the following reasons. One, he is an iconic blonde. He loves his long hair and has always appeared quite dazzling with his gold looks against his pale statuesque skin. Second, he loves to dress up for Halloween and isn’t afraid to swap genders and wear any costume he likes (who could forget the Elsa photoshoot he had?). Third, he has always sported some dazzling attire on and off stage and loves wearing many trinkets, jewels, and flashy clothes which screams the aesthetic of Howl to a T. The SM Halloween party would be a hit if it were all Ghibli themed!

Spy Family Anya – New Jean’s Hanni
Credit: ADOR, Viz Media

When thinking about young but memorable K-Pop idols, New Jeans hit the mark! Just like Spy Family’s Anya, Hanni is known for being the pretty in pink member and having very youthful looking visuals. Her innocent looks, caring personality and curious nature make her a mirror-image of Anya personality wise. Hanni’s nickname is also known as “pigtails” which reflects Anya’s signature horn-like hair berets. 

While Hanni may not have psychic powers like Anya, she definitely has the charming round, plushy face to match. Hanni is also the shortest member of the group, so it would be very fun to imagine all the members dressed as Spy Family characters and Hanni representing the cute, tiny, and delicate Anya. 

Maleficent  – BLACKPINK Jennie
Credit: Jennie’s Instagram, Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Now, hear me out – I’m not saying BLACKPINK’s Jennie is wicked in nature or anything like that but she would look marvelous in a costume like Maleficent’s. Normally, Jennie is dripping in Gucci and boasting Chanel as she walks around being the fairest of them all in the world of K-Pop. However, Jennie has a quiet nature and way of speaking with her gaze, similar to Maleficent. 

Jennie also looks like the kind of person who works hard for her career and wouldn’t let someone like Snow White get in her way. From Maleficent’s vibrant red lips, majestic horned crown, chic black wardrobe and sharp features, Jennie would just have to slip on some red-bottom designer heels and she would make the perfect queen of Halloween.

Castlevania Alucard – ONEUS Xion
Credit: ONUES Fan Cafe, RBW, Media Factory, Tokyopop

If you are a fan of all things dark and scary for Halloween, then you know a vampire costume can be one of the best costumes if done right. Castlevania’s Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards) is the song of Dracula and he is by far more dashing and absolutely someone you’d want biting your neck. From his long flowing blond hair, sharp jawline, illuminating eyes of gold, and his soft vocal tone, ONEUS XION can be an excellent choice to dress up as Alucard.

Xion always has a sharp and attractive gaze and his long fine golden hair  also highlights his sharp features as well. Xion is known for his somewhat cold personality and mesmerizing eyes, so just slap on a blond hair dye and a cape and you got your next dream vampire boyfri – cosplay! Fun fact, Xion is also known for joking around with members and biting them for fun. Maybe he is more of a vampire than we thought? 

Ensemble Stars’s Eichi Tenshouin – EPEX A-min
Credit: C9 Entertainment, Happy Elements Limited

Would it be weird for an idol to cosplay as an idol? It would probably be the easiest cosplay for an idol to do but it does require a particular idol to be an Ensemble Star! EPEX A-min is a great example of an idol who not only has the dashing-good looks to become one of our favorite game idols but to also be versatile and match a majority of the stage concepts presented in the game. 

From a charming prince or boy-next-door crush to a rowdy rockstar and perfectly polished idol, all of these concepts are shown in the phone rhythm game and have been done by EPEX! With A-min being a main vocalist and main dancer, it should be no challenge to see him representing an Ensemble Star character. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see him in a princely suit again? Perhaps Amin would make for a great Eichi Tenshouin.


What did you think of our Halloween list? From spooky and kooky to lovely and fun, there are many idols who anyone would love to celebrate Halloween with! Let us know which idol costume was your favorite down below.

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