Suzy Dishes on Her New Drama ‘Doona!’ and Reveals Her Future Plans

suzy doona
suzy doona
Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea

Cosmopolitan Korea released an exclusive interview with Suzy. The starlet candidly shared, “I wrapped up filming Doona! in April and am now busy with promotions as the airing date approaches. I’m also getting ready for Everything Will Come True (literal title) shooting.”

When quizzed about her handpicked highlights for Doona!, Suzy elaborated, “Awkward love? Awkward love seems to be a focal point. Also, fans can look forward to seeing my idol persona. Plus, expect more deep romance than you might anticipate.”

Responding to a question about any fun episodes while shooting Doona!, Suzy reminisced, “There was a scene at an amusement park where I was supposed to be having fun by myself while watching Won Joon (Yang Se Jong) work. The amusement rides turned out to be scarier than I thought, so that’s something I remember.”

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What kind of projects does she want to try next? Suzy confessed, “Nothing specific comes to mind, but I’d like to try things I haven’t done yet. It seems like that would be fun.” She further added, “Recently, I watched the movie The Wrong Missy and the character there was very quirky and adorable. A role like that that would be fun.”

Later, Suzy confidently commented on her comeback as a singer. “Yes, I’m always planning to drop new music, and I am preparing bit by bit,” she responded. But when asked if fans could expect it soon, she laughed and backtracked, saying, “No, I misspoke. I am really preparing bit by bit, so it should come out someday, right?”

Meanwhile, Suzy has been making waves alongside actor Yang Se Jong in the recently released Netflix original series Doona!

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