Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung’s Chemistry Sparks at ‘My Demon’ Table Read

my demon kdrama
my demon kdrama
Credit: SBS

Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang shared their excitement about their upcoming drama My Demon at its table read. 

My Demon is a fantasy rom-com about the contract marriage between a devil-like heiress and a demon who loses his powers in a blink.

Kim Yoo Jung takes on the role of Do Do Hee, a heiress surrounded by enemies on all sides. Describing her character as a “woman who is sweet yet salty like a sea salt latte,” the actress commented, “Do Hee appears as a sassy woman filled with confidence and determination, but deep down, she’s a very soft and sweet character.”

She also shared what it was like doing the first table-read for the drama. “I was so excited to meet and collaborate with all the cast members at the table read,” she said. “Now that I’ve rehearsed with them, I just know filming the show is gonna be a blast.”

In the drama, Song Kang takes on the role of Jung Gu Won, a demon who must make contracts with humans. The actor revealed, “Gu Won is a powerful demon living an absolutely perfect eternal life.”

He added, “I was totally nervous today, but as soon as I jumped into the first script reading, I got so pumped up. Working with actors who’ve been in the game for a while felt like a whole new vibe, and it was so much fun.”

Meanwhile, My Demon will air on November 24th.

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