Song Joong Ki Shares Why He Chose Not to Receive Payment for His Part in ‘Hopeless’

Credit: Btv Piarchia

Song Joong Ki opened up about his decision to star in the movie Hopeless for free on Lee Dong Jin’s YouTube channel, BTV’s Piarchia.

The actor garnered significant attention for his role in Hopeless as he willingly chose not to receive payment for his part in the movie. He jokingly said, “Things kind of got out of control. I’m getting a bit anxious that the producers for my next projects might ask me, ‘You worked for free in your last project, why are you requesting fees now?’ I’ve recently become a father, so the responsibility is on my shoulders. No more exceptions for the producers who might be watching this.”

“I was actually hoping that the fact I wasn’t paid wouldn’t become a media topic, as it could lead to misunderstandings. The decision to star in Hopeless wasn’t based on me being offered the role. I was approached to read the script by a distributor when I was turning down another project. The story immediately captivated me, but at the same time, I was worried about the potential commercialization of the film once my involvement increased its production costs. So, fearing that commercialization might strip the movie of its charm, I decided not to ask for an appearance fee. It felt like I was putting the cart before the horse.”

Further sharing his thoughts on the Hopeless script, Song Joong Ki revealed, “When I first read it, it felt like there were countless hidden secrets, like dirt beneath an old carpet. The script exuded an oppressive and suffocating atmosphere. Yet, I was captivated by its dark and eerie ambiance, as if I were watching flies buzzing around or witnessing the struggles of a sinful character.”

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  • I know you made the right decision it’s your call, you made your point not to be paid and hopefully the people concern would take it in a good prospective reason. Please don’t judge him wrongly he is a good person and father to his son.

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