IU Faces Down Death Threats and Takes Legal Action

Credit: J. ESTINA

IU recently revealed that she has received death threats and vowed to take strong action against indiscriminate slander.

IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment stated today, “Recently, IU has been subjected to threats to her life that led to an emergency response from law enforcement agencies at our office, the Kakao Entertainment office, and IU’s family home. The level of violent behavior towards IU has crossed the line.”

They went on, “At the time, IU was filming, and the situation got resolved after law enforcement confirmed the security and safety measures. We have immediately increased the security personnel.”

EDAM stated further, “We had a serious discussion about publicizing this issue, as it might cause worry to fans and may attract attention for the wrong reasons. However, after much deliberation, we decided to disclose it as a strong warning against malicious forces and to prevent abuse of power.”

Alongside this, the company also announced its legal strategy against those who have accused IU of plagiarism. “On the 8th, through legal representation, we have filed a lawsuit for damages against the accuser for defamation of character, infringement of personal rights, and false accusations,” they said.

Moreover, “We have filed criminal complaints for defamation against multiple social media accounts and IDs that we strongly suspect belong to the accuser, who has continuously slandered the artist,” adding that “as soon as we can confirm the accuser’s personal details, we are also preparing to file additional criminal complaints for defamation.”

The agency emphasized, “We are in the process of holding those responsible for the indiscriminate slander against IU, both online and offline, accountable under a ‘zero-tolerance policy.'”


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  • So what has I u done so wrong. There must be some very nasty screwed up people in society . I hope she wins against them .

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