‘Destined With You’ Episode 14 Recap: Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon Share Tender Reunion

Credit: JTBC

Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon has learned the truth behind their past lives in Episode 14 of JTBC’s Destined With You.

The latest episode unveiled the shocking truth behind the death of Aeng Cho (played by Jo Bo Ah). Mu Jin (Rowoon) refuses to marry the daughter of a high-ranking official against his father’s will. Although he implores Aeng Cho to run away with him, she gives him the cold shoulder and declines. However, there is a significant reason behind her refusal: Mu Jin’s father has terrorized her by taking her only family hostage.

Mu Jin successfully passes the military service exam, while Aeng Cho embarks on the path of becoming a shaman. Despite their separation, they eventually reunite when she enters the palace, and she confesses her love for him.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Aeng Cho gets accused of practicing witchcraft. She gets tortured, and her life hangs in the balance. Unable to bear her suffering, Mu Jin plunges a dagger into her chest and says he is willing to take any curse that she would place on him.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) decides to leave Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) as she believes her presence puts him in danger. However,  she encounters none other than Jang Shin Yu upon her arrival. He gently takes her hand to his cheek and assures her that the curse is no longer there. Turns out, he is no longer in pain anymore, and has gained all his memories from his past life during his coma.

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