‘Destined With You’ Episode 10 Recap: Jo Bo Ah Finally Admits Her Long-standing Feelings for Rowoon

destined with you recap
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Lee Hong Jo (played by Jo Bo Ah) and Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) confirmed their feelings in Episode 10 of JTBC’s Destined With You.

Jang Shin Yu visits a medium after witnessing Hong Jo in his memory of past life he recalled in the hospital. Confused, he says, “I think I loved her, too.”

Shin Yu tells Yoon Na Yeon (Yura) that he wants to end their relationship, and in response, she asks for one last favor. She asked him to act as though nothing has changed between them until the construction of the city hall lobby is completed. He agrees to fulfill her wish.

Shin Yu keeps the promise at the City Hall, but Na Yeon’s true intention was to separate him from Hong Jo.

However, Na Yeon eventually discovers that Shin Yu broke his promise and heads straight to the mayor’s office. Meanwhile, Kwon Jae Kyung (Ha Joon) searches for Shin Yu to inform him about the mayor’s order to send Hong Jo out of town. Just then, Hong Jo arrives at the mayor’s office, and Shin Yu immediately takes her outside.

The two head to the beach together. During their walk, Hong Jo asks Shin Yu about his risky behavior. He explains what has happened and then throws her a crucial question, asking, “Tell me how you feel about me.” Hong Jo finally confesses her long-standing feelings for him. After confirming their mutual affection, the two share a tender kiss.

However, when Hong Jo reaches out to touch his cheeks, Shin Yu abruptly pulls away in pain. This cliffhanger ending keeps viewers wondering about the secrets of their ‘cursed’ past lives.

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  • I’m not liking this girlfriend and why she and the Gardner are doing such evil things. I’m hoping you will focus on the two main characters in the next episodes.

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