‘Destined With You’ Episode 8 Recap: Jo Bo Ah Turns Down Rowoon’s Love Once Again

destined with you recap
destined with you recap
Credit: JTBC

Lee Hong Jo (played by Jo Bo Ah) distanced herself from Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon) in Episode 8 of JTBC’s Destined With You.

Shin Yu finally realizes his feelings for Hong Jo. As his kiss begins to get more heated, Hong Jo pushes him away. When she asks him whether he broke up with Yoon Na Yeon (Yura), he does not give her any striaght answer, making her even more confused.

Hong Jo decide to keep distance from Shin Yu by refusing to meet him personally, except for business purposes.

Meanwhile, Shin Yu takes the wooden chest to the shaman. Hearing that the chest should be buried by its owner, Shin Yu and Hong Jo head to the shrine together.

There, the two get thrust into an unexpected situation. They discover a black magic book and a cursed doll, which has a piece of paper with the name Jang Shin Yu written on it nailed to its chest.

The two then goes on a fake date to catch the culprit. The atmosphere between them, which has been awkward after their initial collision, slowly changes.

When Hong Jo asks Shin Yu why he kissed her, he replies, “I cannot control myself when I’m around you.” Despite being swayed again, she eventually refuses him, saying, “I don’t want to be the girl who steals other girl’s man.”

Towards the end, Shin Yu runs into Na Jung Beom (Ahn Sang Woo) holding a pair of scissors at the Green Landscape Garden. The tension futher intensifies as a mysterious figure tails Hong Jo.

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