Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Jun’s ‘The Worst of Evil’ Series Unveils Main Poster and Trailer

the worst of evil ji chang wook
the worst of evil ji chang wook
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus’ original series The Worst of Evil dropped an eye-popping main poster and a trailer.

The unveiled main poster does justice to the two charismatic characters, the hard-charging cop Jun Mo (Ji Chang Wook) and the kingpin boss of Gangnam Alliance Ki Cheol (Wi Ha Jun). Armed with unmatched personalities, these two engage in a razor-sharp mind game guaranteed to spice up the storyline. The bottom of the poster also gives us a glimpse of a hallway action, amping up the anticipation for a gritty and stylish crime action, all thanks to the creators of New World and Hunt.

Accompanying the main poster is a trailer packed with vibrant action sequences and explosive performances that promise pure catharsis. It kicks off with Jun Mo diving headlong into a dangerous operation after accepting an offer too tempting to refuse. Being a bulldog cop, Jun Mo risks it all to win the trust of Ki Cheol. The body-breaking combat actions that follow seem to earn him an “I trust you too” from Ki Cheol, piquing our curiosity for what comes next.

the worst of evil ji chang wook
Credit: Disney Plus

Adding fuel to the fire is Eui Jung (Lim Se Mi), an elite cop and Jun Mo’s wife. Her involvement takes the case into a whirlpool of chaos. Also capturing our attention is the key distributor of a major cartel, Hye Ryeon (BIBI). With her complex emotional shifts towards Jun Mo, she shakes up all relationships and add more layers to the intrigue. Especially gripping is Jun Mo’s whispered resolve, “I can go back. I can go back,” which showcases the emotional storms he will weather and the choices he will eventually make.

Set in the 1990s, The Worst of Evil follows Jun Mo as he goes undercover to bring down the Gangnam drug ring. The show features top-tier Korean actors like Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Jun, and Lim Se Mi. The show comes from Director Han Dong Wook, who acted as assistant director in some of the best noir films like The Unjust and New World and made his directorial debut with Man In Love, and Secret Reunion writer Jang Min Seok. This highly-anticipated blockbuster will exclusively stream on Disney Plus starting September 27th.

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Source: Disney Plus

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