What’s Song Joong Ki Like on Set? ‘Reborn Rich’ and ‘Vincenzo’ Stars Share Heartwarming Stories

song joong ki vincenzo
Credit: MMTG

Song Joong Ki‘s co-stars have recently shared heartwarming yet hilarious stories about him.

The stars of the upcoming South Korean movie Cobweb, including Lim Soo Jung, Jeon Yeo Been, and Krystal made a guest appearance on the YouTube show MMTG. When Jaejae asked, “I heard that Song Joong Ki is very proactive in organizing gatherings with fellow actors,” Jeon Yeo Bin shared her experience of working with Song Joong Ki in Vincenzo. She said, “We actually gave him a nickname. We called him ‘Coordinator Song’ because he took the lead in organizing get-togethers while filming.”

Meanwhile, another co-star from Vincenzo, Jo Han Chul, also shared a similar story about Song Joong Ki. In an interview, Han Chul revealed, “Song Joong Ki often arranges get-togethers, so we call him ‘Coordinator Song.'” He mentioned, “We have a group chat for the Vincenzo actors, and there as well, Joong Ki takes the lead in organizing most of our gatherings. He doesn’t just make vague suggestions like, ‘Let’s get together someday.’ Instead, he promptly takes action and picks a date for our gatherings.'”

song joong ki vincenzo
Credit: JTBC


The stars of Reborn Rich including Kim Nam Hee, Park Ji Hyun, and Kim Do Hyun, also shared another heartwarming story about Song Joong Ki on Knowng Bros. Kim Nam Hee recounted, “Song Joong Ki treated us to a big Korean BBQ party. It happened one day when a bunch of us actors were on set, filming a funeral scene. Out of the blue, Joong Ki said, ‘Dinner’s on me.’ So, we all gathered at a nearby restaurant. It was a very large gathering that even folks who weren’t part of the shoot got an invite to join us for dinner.”

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