BTS V Shares Sweet Story About How He Used His First Paycheck

BTS V You Quiz on the Block
Credit: tvN

BTS’ V guest appeared on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block and openly shared his thoughts on his journey as a BTS member, his upcoming solo album, and more.

Yoo Jae Suk acknowledged, “Over the past decade, BTS has made history in the global music scene.”

Reflecting on the group’s journey, V shared, “We gave it our all in our music. Initially, we started as the opening act for a K-Pop concert in the United States. The response was great, so we got the chance to go back to the United States, where we now hold our own concerts.”

V mentioned that his goal before his debut was to become a trainee. He said, “I was lucky enough to pass the HYBE audition when I came to Seoul, so I didn’t wish for more.” He added, “I thought I didn’t have much talent back then, so I worked really hard not to fall behind the other members.” He also stated, “Thanks to the members, my personality has changed a lot. I used to get hurt easily and had a tough time. But I eventually came to understand that I’m one of the seven. I realized that I can’t afford to be weak. I had to toughen up.'”

BTS V You Quiz on the Block
Credit: tvN

V collaborated with Min Hee Jin for his solo album. V mentioned, “I was the one who initially requested to work with her. I really liked f(x)’s album Pink Tape, and I heard that it was produced by her.”

He also shared some interesting behind-the-scenes details, saying, “I let J-Hope and Jungkook listen to it. I even recorded some of the songs at Jungkook’s home. He personally helped me a lot with it.”

Regarding the story behind filming Jinny’s Kitchen, he stated, “It was filmed without pauses, even during bedtime. Frankly, I wanted to return to Korea, but my passport was with producer Na,” bringing laughter on set. Lee Seo Jin once said that V is diligent but very slow. The idol said, “Seo Jin is very funny and honest. If I ever get a chance to film Tae Kitchen’s, I would love to go on a trip with the Jinny’s Kitchen’s members.”

BTS V You Quiz on the Block
Credit: tvN

V shared that he dreamed of becoming a celebrity while admiring superstars like SHINee and Rain. Reflecting on his school days, he described himself as a “quiet boy who cannot keep still.” He continued, “I didn’t talk much, and because I was so all over the place, I don’t think I had many friends who liked me.”

V also shared his deep affection for his family. He recalled the moment he received his first paycheck, saying, “My dad has been running a clothing store for quite a while. One day, I checked the car’s mileage, and it had reached 500,000 kilometers. So, I decided to buy him a new car.” He continued, “Since then, he’s upgraded his car once or twice. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

V also mentioned the ‘Wooga Family,’ which includes Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Peakboy and Park Hyung Sik. He shared, “We frequently explore great dining spots. In the past, Seo Joon used to say, ‘This one’s on me,’ but nowadays, he says, ‘It tastes fantastic,’ and goes along with the flow.” He chuckled, “Seo Joon treated me to so many meals, so I’m happy to return the favor with a smile.”

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