Han Ji Min and EXO’s Suho Go on a Bicycle Date in ‘Behind Your Touch’

behind your touch suho
behind your touch suho
Credit: JTBC

JTBC has shared preview photos of Bong Ye Bun (played by Han Ji Min) on a bicycle date with Kim Seon Woo (Suho) in the upcoming episode of Behind Your Touch. The envious gaze of Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) fixated on the two radiating a rosy atmosphere sparks curiosity.

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Thanks to Bong Ye Bun’s help, Moon Jang Yeol discovered that Park Seung Gil betrayed him due to the cunning Mr. Baek (Kim Byung Hee). This revelation led Moon Jang Yeol to grieve for his beloved sibling. Adding to the tension, the situation intensified when Kim Seon Woo responded with unsettling answers to Moon Jang Yeol’s questions while they were pursuing a thief.

behind your touch suho
Credit: JTBC

The newly unveiled pictures capture Bong Ye Bun’s undeniable excitement as she beams a bright smile while gazing at Kim Seon Woo. It appears that Bong Ye Bun has finally gotten the opportunity to go on a bicycle ride with Kim Seon Woo, something she had been eagerly looking forward to ever since she first recognized her feelings for him.

But there’s someone who’s not exactly thrilled about their bicycle adventure, and that someone is none other than Moon Jang Yeol. With jealousy and tension in full display, Moon Jang Yeol’s presence raises questions about how he might disrupt the joyful time between Bong Ye Bun and Kim Seon Woo.

The production team remarked, “As Bong Ye Bun and Moon Jang Yeol collaborate on an extraordinary joint investigation, subtle shifts in emotions will come into play. The unique dynamics among these three individuals – Bong Ye Bun, who fell for Kim Seon Woo at first sight; Moon Jang Yeol, who comprehends her feelings; and the enigmatic Kim Seon Woo – will unfold in a more intriguing manner.”

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