‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 4 Recap: Lee Min Ki Teams up With Han Ji Min for New Case

behind your touch recap
behind your touch recap
Credit: JTBC

In Episode 4 of JTBC’s Behind Your Touch Bong Ye Bun (played by Han Ji Min) becomes perplexed upon uncovering the harsh truth about her grandfather.

Ye Bun continued to explore her superpowers through experiments, while Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) dedicated himself to solving cases to fulfill his dream.

During his quest, he found out that someone had stolen the list of supporters for National Assembly member Cha Joo Man (Lee Seung Jun). Determined to uncover the truth behind the incident and regain his position at the Seoul Metropolitan Policy Agency, he embarked on a mission to resolve the matter.

Following Ye Bun’s request, Bae Ok Hee (Joo Min Gyung) and her friends created a scene on the campaign site. Amidst this chaos, Ye Bun used her psychic abilities to uncover what truly happened on the day of the incident. The surprising truth came to light: her own grandfather (Yang Jae Seong) had taken the list of sponsors.

Yet, this was only the start of a string of revelations. Popular online streamer Xia (Choi Hee Jin) was suddenly kidnapped and visibly terrified before an unknown attacker, who she seemed to recognize. Viewers are now left wondering about the real identity of the culprit.

Meanwhile, Bong Ye Bun and Kim Seon Woo (Suho) grew one step closer. During a conversation, they discovered that both of them grew up without mothers. Seon Woo shared that he arrived in Moo Jin because his mother had mentioned that the hometown had clean air and was a good place to live. When he confessed to having a crush on someone, Ye Bun felt a mixture of shyness and relief, entertaining the thought that she might potentially be the one.

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