Lee Joon Gi Reveals Why He Is Still Single

lee joon gi sister
lee joon gi sister
Credit: tvN

Lee Joon Gi showcased his close relationship with his sister on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

The actor revealed that he has been living with his sister since 2013. Demonstrating their strong bond, he surprisingly described her as his jiu-jitsu sparring partner.

He shared, “People who know us well often suggest that we are still single because we spend so much time together. We care for each other very much, and most importantly, we get along really well. We’ve shared many enjoyable moments together. At one point, I learned jiu-jitsu and realized that it’s more than just a good workout – it actually teaches you a valuable skill for self-defense. So, I introduced my sister to a jiu-jitsu academy. We began taking classes together, and she enjoyed it so much. She even won competitions. We continued the lessons together for three and a half years.”

In response to Yoo Jae Suk’s admiration for the unique closeness between Lee Joon Gi and his younger sister, Lee Joon Gi expressed his gratitude to his sister, saying, “I’d love to keep doing stuff together. We’re living under the same roof after all. She does a lot for me, like cooking. Her support lets me really focus on my work.”

When asked how he would feel if his sister shared news of her marriage, Joon Gi replied, “Honestly, I would be mad if her boyfriend wasn’t a suitable husband. I might even consider taking a break from work to address the situation.” He also emphasized, “She basically means the world to me.”

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  • Lee Joon Gi, I didn’t get married for 1st time until I was 58. And we had 8 wonderful years together before his passing. There is someone out there for you and will appear when you least expect it. You’re a catch my love 😍 believe me, love will find you! And if not look me up!

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