Weekly TV Top10: Disney Plus Korea Finally Smiles With ‘Moving’

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Drama Ranking for 2nd Week of August

Disney Plus’ ambitious masterpiece Moving has happily debuted at number one. With a bold scheduling strategy that released seven episodes in the first week alone, it succeeded in captivating viewers. Praised for its harmonious blend of character narratives and action, many responses particularly applauded Go Youn Jung. tvN’s The Uncanny Counter 2 came in second, drawing attention with an exciting development where Jin Sun Kyu emerges as a formidable evil spirit. However, it hasn’t reached the viewership and buzz of season 1. MBC’s My Dearest climbed to third place, with many satisfied reactions to Namkoong Min’s acting, a sly man with sincerity to one woman. TV Chosun’s Durian’s Affair ended in fourth place; the shocking ending of the main characters was surprising but as expected of writer Phoebe (Im Sung Han). JTBC’s new work Behind Your Touch, which stirred controversy before airing over Han Ji Min’s character, started at seventh place. Han Ji Min’s comedic acting and delightful story have thus far earned approval. SBS’s The First Responders 2 angered viewers with the sudden death of the character played by Son Ho Jun. The buzz has also decreased. Lim Ji Yeon’s new drama SBS’s The Killing Vote debuted at tenth place.

  1. Disney Plus Moving (Share 15.86) 
  2. tvN The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch (Share 10.12) 
  3. MBC My Dearest (Share 9.18) 
  4. TV CHOSUN Durian’s Affair (Share 8.87) 
  5. tvN My Lovely Liar (Share 8.07) 
  6. Netflix D.P. 2 (Share 7.47) 
  7. JTBC Behind Your Touch (Share 7.44) 
  8. SBS The First Responders 2 (Share 6.48)
  9. ENA Not Others (Share 4.81) 
  10. SBS The Killing Vote (Share 4.39)
  1. Namkoong Min, My Dearest (Share 4.61)
  2. Kim So Hyun, My Lovely Liar (Share 4.09)
  3. Hwang Minhyun, My Lovely Liar (Share 4.05)
  4. Ahn Eun Jin, My Dearest (Share 3.32)
  5. Han Ji Min, Behind Your Touch (Share 2.93)
  6. Park Joo Mi, Durian’s Affair (Share 2.82)
  7. Son Ho Jun, The First Responders 2 (Share 2.44)
  8. Go Youn Jung, Moving (Share 2.42)
  9. Jin Sun Kyu, The Uncanny Counter 2 (Share 2.34)
  10. Jung Hae In, D.P. 2 (Share 2.05)

Non-Drama Ranking for 2nd Week of August

Netflix’s Zombieverse debuted at number one, gaining traction as word spread of its entertainment value. Among the cast, Dex earned high favorability by showing a selfless attitude and impressive strength, ranking fifth in the cast ranking. Lee Byung Hun climbed to the top spot among the actors after appearing on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, where stories about his wife Lee Min Jung and actor Yim Si Wan gathered attention.

  1. Netflix Zombieverse (Share 5.66)
  2. Channel A Heart Signal 4 (Share 4.86) 
  3. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share 3.69)
  4. Mnet Queendom Puzzle (Share 3.39) 
  5. MBC I Live Alone (Share 3.33)
  6. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 3.07)
  7. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 2.59)
  8. Wavve His Man 2 (Share 2.53)
  9. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 2.35)
  10. MBC Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell  (Share 2.26) 
  1. Lee Byung Hun, You Quiz on the Block (Share 1.99)
  2. Kim Ji Young, Heart Signal 4 (Share 1.81)
  3. Lee Dae Ho, A Clean Sweep(Share 1.73)
  4. Shin Min Kyu, Heart Signal 4 (Share 1.68)
  5. Dex, Zombieverse (Share 1.46)
  6. Shim Hyung Tak, Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny (Share 1.25)
  7. Lee Jun Sung, His Man 2 (Share 1.16)
  8. Gian 84, Adventure by Accident 2 (Share 1.13)
  9. Shin Sung Ho, His Man 2 (Share 1.09)
  10. Hirai Saya, Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny (Share 1.06)

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