Lee Byung Hun Shows Deep Affection and Love for His Wife Lee Min Jung and Son

lee byung hun lee min jung
lee byung hun lee min jung
Credit: tvN

Lee Byung Hun showed his affection for his lovely wife and son on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

The actor shared, “This morning, when I hurriedly told my wife and son, Joon Hoo, that I was going on You Quiz on the Block, my son asked me to talk about him on the show. He even requested me to mention the names of his closest friends.” Revealing the names of his son’s friends, Byung Hun said, “Since they visit our home often, I’ve memorized all their names,” revealing a heartwarming side of him as a loving father.

Lee Min Jung, Byung Hun’s wife, had previously appeared on the show. Knowing that Yoo Jae Suk calls his wife MJ, Byung Hun jokingly said, “My wife is also saved as MJ on my phone. She said she would watch the show very closely and see how much time I spend praising her. I’m going to speak a bit slower when I talk about my wife.”

The actor, who holds a barista license, revealed how much he cares about his wife, saying, “Even with a hangover, I always make coffee for my wife.”

Talking about his son, he said, “People tell me that my son and I are like two peas in a pod. It certainly feels good to hear that.” He added, “My son didn’t know what an actor does until he turned 4. So, when he was three, I sat him on my lap and showed him clips from G.I. Joe. That’s when he went like, ‘Wow!’ watching me in the movie. I kept it going for 2 years, and he totally thought I was a real-life superhero,” sparking laughter on set.

Byung Hun also fulfilled his wife’s request for a “praise time.” He began by stating, “She is an excellent cook, a wonderful mother, and a skilled golfer. She excels in everything.” He added, “She has a great sense of humor and often makes me laugh. When people ask why I married her, I answer that I liked her because she is very funny and brings a lot of laughter into my life.,” he said, drawing attention.

After the broadcast, a fan asked Lee Min Jung on her Instagram, “Did you watch You Quiz?” and she replied, “Yes… but it was only 26 seconds… Huh!”, creating laughter-filled moments.


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